Love In London

Two friends move to London in hope of starting a new life. They stumble across two unlikely figures who change their lives forever!


3. Car ride part 2- Meeting Niall

Becky's POV:

"STOP THE CAR RIGHT NOW!!!" I scream, startled Ella slams on the breaks.

"What are you okay, did I hit something oh I hope it's not a fluffy animal or any animal I couldn't live with my self " with Ella's worried look on her face I reassured her that it wasn't in my own unique way, and considering this is a very busy motorway we didn't get a lot of beeps only a numerous amount of vulgar hand gestures coming past but other then that nothing really!

"Ella turn left there is a STARBUCKS!! I NEED COFFE, I WILL PAAAYYYYY!"

Ella's POV:

Now normally I would question Becky's sharp reaction and nearly causing a colossal on one of the most busiest Motorways but as no money is coming out of my pocket I will do as she says. The great thing about seeing Becky walk into Starbucks is that look on her face, like a child walking into a sweet shop!" As usual Rebecca is already ordering.

"I will have a caramel frappe chino, regular, with whipped cream and sauce and whatever she is having!" As I look over I see a familiar face behind the counter. Something hidden behind his oddly, wonky moustache, and uniform, is it his beautiful big blue eyes, the shot of blonde hair and amazing, strong passionate Irish accent!


I quickly rush over to Becky where she is daydreaming. I look up and peer into his massive, dreamy, blue eyes we meet and stare at each other for a couple of seconds, I blush and turn away just about as he's going to say something. I grab Becky bu the arm and peer back at him "One Second" I hurridley pull her away from the counter, Becky do you know who's serving us, and before she has time to say anything " IT'S NIALL FREAKIN HORAN!"
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