Love In London

Two friends move to London in hope of starting a new life. They stumble across two unlikely figures who change their lives forever!


2. Car ride part 1

Ella's POV:

Being rushed out the door by Becky isn't the most touching way to say goodbye to your first ever apartment, at least we said goodbye to our families before we went otherwise we probably would have a conversation time limit knowing Becky. She means well but would it kill her to relax at least for one minute, she is like on red bull 24/7! But knowing Becky she would never drink red bull because of the 'high caffeine content', seriously the girl drinks Starbucks twice a day not even that more and she is scared of red bull! I tell her it doesn't actually give you wings CALM THE FLIP DOWN!!

Being shoved in her glamorous car (Fiat Cinquecento), which is not most extravagant car, it is basically a piece of poo but in Rebecca's eyes, as she puts it, it's known as 'vintage'!

Suddenly an eruption of sound enters my ears "ELLA!" yep that's Becky, that lovely, gentle, caring, tone of voice, at least everyone knows now why, she is still single... Seriously her boyfriend's, well she's only had one but theoretically, they must go sprinting!

"Ella were leaving, LIKE NOW, HURRY UP THE TRAFFIC DOESN'T WAIT FOR YOU!" Four words What Is She On???

"Firstly that doesn't make any sense and secondly, yeah, that makes absolutely no sense!"

"Shhh" this is when Becky crosses the line!

"Don't tell me to shhhh let's just get in the car before you won't be coming with us!" Cheeky sod telling me to shhh *hmph* what have I ever done, I mean I know I'm sarcastic but come on, I work it! "Oh Ella you are too funny" I'm talking to myself "Look what you have driven me too Rebecca"

"What??" Becky asks in confusion.

"Nothing my dearest lets just get in the car already" as I walk out Becky is pacing counting down!

" 5, 4, 3, 2, 1," an alarm suddenly goes off.

"Jesus Rebecca it's not bloody New Years" as we get in the car I feel how tense Becky is, were a second on time, one second out would ruin the day, this is the stupidity i have to live with. But now I'm driving it is great the fear on Becky's face as my hand touches the wheel, superiority I love it! Well I wish her good luck!
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