Perfect Harmony

Sydney was born and raised in Cheshire. She was bestfriends with Harry Styles. When he tries out for XFactor, Sydney feels like he forgot about her. She moves away and encounters him again. What will happen to the couple that was meant to be?


20. The Break-Up

Harry's POV
    "Sydney, of course she wanted you!" I yelled. We had gotten home yesterday. Sydney was still caught up on the fact that her mum didn't want her. 
    "No she didn't! You were the one who pointed out the fact that she didn't want me!"  I stayed silent. She was right. I did point that out. 
    "Why does it even matter?" I yelled. 
    "Because she's my mother! She died not wanting me. My dad died not wanting me." She said quieter. 
    "My dad left me!" I tried to argue. She sat down. 
    "You don't get it, do you? My dad left, not wanting me. I left, because I felt like you didn't want me. My mum didn't want me, because I was leaving. My aunt didn't want me. I've grown up, with people not wanting me." I don't know what happened. The words came out like vomit. 
    "I don't want you. That's why I left." The tears came out of her eyes uncontrollably. 
    "You brought me here, just to tell me that you didn't want me?! You brought me here to prove that no one wants me!" 
    "No-" I tried to explain. I didn't know what happened. 
    "Save it. I'm leaving. Maybe our friends will want me... We're over"
Sydney's POV
    "Paige?" I called her, crying. 
    "What's wrong?!" 
    "Can you come pick me up? I'll explain later." 
    "Yeah," she continued. "We'll be right there." I was sitting on the sidewalk, face in hands. Their car pulled up, and Paige got out. 
    "Are you okay?" I shook my head no, and cried into her shoulder. Louis got out of the car, and pulled me into a hug. 
    "What happened?" He asked, in a comforting voice. I couldn't say anything. I was crying too much. After a few more minutes of crying, we all got into the car, and drove to their flat.  We got there, and Paige showed me to a room. I sat down after putting my stuff on the ground. I laid back and sighed. Louis and Paige came in. 
    "So, what happened?" Louis asked.
    "He told me he didn't want me." They stayed silent for a few seconds.
    "Can you tell us everything that happened?" I nodded. I was silent for a minute, as I was trying to gather my thoughts together.
    "So, back in Cheshire, I found out that my mum didn't want me, and that was the reason I wasn't invited to her wedding. So, for the past four days, that's all my thoughts had revolved around. When we got back into town, Harry got sick of me freaking out about it, and we got into an argument. I told him that I haven't been wanted my whole life, and then he told me he didn't want me, and that's why he left." They sat there in shock. 
    "But, when we first became a band, he wouldn't shut up about how much he missed you." Louis spoke quietly, after a few minutes. 
    "Then do you want to go talk to him?! Because he left for XFactor because he didn't want me." He stood up. 
    "I'm calling the boys, and we're going to talk to him." He got up, and walked out. I couldn't believe it. Paige was still there with me. 
    "Do you want me? Because I can leave if you don't want me." I was sick of not being wanted, so I decided to make sure I had someone who cared.
    "Of course I do!! You're my best friends! Why wouldn't I want you?!" She replied, very quickly. 
    "I don't know. But i'm sick of no one wanting me around." I started crying again. 
    About an hour later, we were sitting on their couch. Paige's phone started ringing, and she went into her bedroom to talk on the phone.
Paige's POV
    "He's with another girl." Louis spoke, after I had gone into the bathroom. 
    "What the fuck is he doing with another girl?! Him and Sydney have known each other since he was two months old!" I yelled quietly. I didn't need Sydney hearing that he was with another girl. 
    "I don't know. We walked into his flat, and there was a girl in the other room." I couldn't believe him.
    "Is she still there? Are you still there?" I demanded. 
    "Harry made her leave. We're still here." I was relieved. I mean, Harry can just thrown away almost 19 years of friendship, and a romance.
    "Just let me know what happens please." He said he would, and we hung up.
Sydney's POV
    "Who was that?" I asked when she walked back in. I was watching some random show on the tele. 
    "Oh. It was just Louis. He was letting me know that Harry was drunk, so they might be there for a while." I nodded. I didn't believe that, but I wasn't going to argue. I didn't need her not wanting me around. She nodded, and sat down next to me. We fell asleep. 
    The next thing I remember, was the boys coming in. Harry was yelling, and the boys were yelling back. I 'stayed asleep'. They put harry in a room, and a tear fell down my cheek, as the boys came to wake us up. 
    "Hey. Harry's in the other guest bedroom. Its two in the morning. Go to bed you two." Niall told us. We nodded, and walked to bed. I laid there all night. I couldn't sleep. I was too caught up on the thought of no one wanting me. My parents didn't want me. My aunt and cousin didn't want me. Harry didn't want me. Did Anne? Did my friends? Did the boys? Did my stepdad? Did anyone?
Harry's POV
    I did want her. I want her badly. I don't know why I said that. I tried to get up, and go talk to her, but the boys locked me in here. I had my phone.
    'Hey. Can you come in here? We need to talk, and the boys locked me in here.' I sent it. I waited. I heard shuffling coming from next room. There was a click on my doornob, but she didn't come in. I waited. 
    'If you really need to talk, then come here. I unlocked the door.'  I walked out of this room, and stood outside of hers. I paused. I knocked, and walked in. She was sitting on the bed. Her hands were in her face, and she was crying. I felt bad. I caused all of this. 
    "Sydney. I'm so sorry. I know I caused all of this, and I didn't mean any of it. I do want you. I've wanted you for forever now, and I don't know why I said this." She was silent.
    "Then why'd you have a girl over?" She asked quietly. How'd she know? Louis called Paige, but Paige wouldn't have told her. Wait, why am I freaking out?! She's just a friend. 
    "She's my ex. I go to her for everything, and I needed advice." I relpied calmly. This was the truth.
    "So there was a girl over! I can't believe you!" I was confused.
    "You didn't know there was a girl? I just told you! She's my ex!" I tried explaining.
    "Who was it? I know all your exes, and you've always come to me for advice!" She was right. But I couldn't really get advice from Sydney. 
    "Do you remember Elizabeth, that I dated in 9th year? She came. And you're right. But I couldn't really get advice from my bestfriend, that had just left me."
    "My gosh Harry! You remember her, but, I leave for two years and you totally forget about me?! What the fuck is wrong with you?! Or maybe I'm the problem, since no one seems to want me!"
    "Sydney! Why do you think I forgot about you?! I left for a few months, and I come back, and you're gone! You were the one who didn't come to my audition! I couldn't have possibly forgotten about you! I love you too much!" 
    "Well! Let's see! You never bothered calling to let me know if you made it or not! You never made an effort to find me!" 
    "I did call! I called so many times. It went to voicemail, every. Single. Time. I did try to find you! What do you think I was doing that day at the mall?! I admit, I could've tried befpre, and harder, but I didn't. And I'm so sorry. But still. You never came to my audition."  

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