Perfect Harmony

Sydney was born and raised in Cheshire. She was bestfriends with Harry Styles. When he tries out for XFactor, Sydney feels like he forgot about her. She moves away and encounters him again. What will happen to the couple that was meant to be?


2. Stay The Night

Sydney's POV
I was getting ready to leave Harry when he gave me his phone and told me to put my number in it. I gave him my phone to do the same and he kissed me goodbye. I walked to my car and Paige and I drove to my place. I saw the boys get into their car and the hotel they drove to was right up the street from my apartment complex. I unlocked the door, and there was a note on the stairs. "Left to go to Hawaii. Do whatever you want. No wild parties.~Lisa and Payton." Great. Well, now I don't have to worry about my annoying cousin and aunt. My aunt never really cared about what I did, as long as the law wasn't involved. I walked upstairs, and sat on the couch. My phone started ringing. "Hello?" "Why on earth did you not tell me you were dating Harry freaking Edward Styles?!" "Well, hello to you too Jessy!" I replied. "Come over and I'll explain!" She hung up and I looked for Harry's contact. It was, 'Harry Sexy Styles' and the company was, 'Best Boyfriend Ever!!!' I giggled at this. I called him. "Hello, Sydney Nicole Spendlove! The best girlfriend ever!!" Hence the laughing about his contact. "Hello Harry Edward Styles! The best boyfriend ever!!" "Great minds think alike!" He told me and I giggled. "Hey! So your hotel is close by my apartment complex, and I was wondering if you guys wanted to come over and maybe stay the night?" "Your mum would never approve of this!" He teased. "So of course I will!" I giggled. "My aunt doesn't care though! And she's not here! Left me and took my cousin to Hawaii!" He laughed. "We'll be over there in about a half an hour." We hung up and there was a knock on the door. "Jessy." I told Paige. She nodded, and I walked to go get the door. "Please explain!" She said. "Let's get inside first." We walked back into the main room. "Oh! By the way! The boys are coming over in half an hour!" They both got up and rushed to the bathroom. They both had clothes, and makeup here, and basically everything they would need, to get ready. I touched up my makeup while telling Jessy the story. The doorbell rang and Paige and Jessy were rushing to finish getting ready. I opened the door and let the boys in. They heard the noise from the bathroom and were questioning. "I thought you said your aunt and cousin were in Hawaii." Harry commented. "Those are my friends. I'll go grab them." I excused myself and got up. I walked into the bathroom and they both looked fine. "C'mon guys! They're waiting for you! But Jessy! I have to introduce you."

Harry's POV
I wasn't going to loose her again. When I went back to Cheshire, and she wasn't there, my heart was completely broken. We were sitting there in silence waiting for Sydney and her friends. Sydney and her friends came out. "Guys, you remember Paige. And this," she pointed to the other girl. "Is Jessy." She finished. Niall looked up with amazement on his face. We all hugged her and she sat by Niall and Paige sat by Lou. Those two seemed to be getting along. Sydney was texting someone and we were all talking. "Who are you texting?" I whispered to her. "My friend Brittney." She whispered back. "Hey, is it okay if Brittney comes too?" She whispered again. "This is your house, why are you asking me?" I replied. "True ." We ordered pizza, and Brittney came. "Guys, this is Brittney."

Liam's POV
When Brittney walked in, I was shocked. She was so beautiful. I invited her to sit next to me and she did. When the pizzas came, we all ate, and decided to watch, No Strings Attached. About ten minutes into the movie, there was another knock on the door.

Zayn's POV
"This is Sophia." Sydney told us. A beautiful girl walked in. She sat down next to me after we all greeted her with a hug. The movie ended and we were all spending the night. That meant more time to spend with Sophia.

Sydney's POV
We got out five blowup mattresses, because everyone seemed like they had someone they wanted to sleep with. I went down and locked the door. Harry came with me. "Why now?" I asked him. "What do you mean?" He asked. We were still standing by the door. "Why'd you wait until now to tell me how you felt?" "I could ask you the same thing. But, I was going to tell you when I came back to Cheshire, but you were gone. I asked your mum where you went, and I guess I wanted it to be perfect when I saw you again." Tears were forming in my eyes. "Harry, I waited for you, and when I saw you guys get voted off of XFactor, I was so excited for you to come home. When you hadn't come home for a long time, I figured you forgot about me and I was trying to forget about you, so I came here." He didn't say anything. He pulled me closer and pressed his lips to mine. When the kiss was over he looked down at me and smiled. "What?" I asked. "Do you remember when we were ten, and you dared me to kiss you?" I started giggling. "Yeah! And you started leaning in for the kiss and I ran away!" We were both laughing and I could feel people looking at us. "Now, I can kiss you and you don't run away." He told me. He started leaning in to kiss me again. I got up. "Are you sure about that?" I ran away. He chased after me. Then the thought popped into my mind. I stopped running, and I collapsed in tears. Harry came running to me. "What's wrong?!" He asked. "That day when I dared you to kiss me, when my mum and I walked back to our home, my dad was gone and so was half of our stuff. That day you tried to kiss me, that was the day my dad left." I said crying. Harry picked me up, and held me on his lap. "Shhh it's okay. Everything is okay. Let's go on a walk." He told me. I nodded and grabbed a light jacket. It was April, so it was still a little cold outside. We walked out the door, and I locked it with my key. We started to walk away from my apartment. "Sydney, I will never leave you, and I will never hurt you in any way." I leaned my head on his shoulder. "I know Harry." We walked a little longer and decided to go back. When we walked inside, everyone was asleep. Sophia with Zayn, Brittney with Liam, Paige with Louis, and Jessy with Niall. I changed into my pajamas and fell asleep next to Harry.

Harry's POV
Tomorrow was Sydney's birthday. I had never forgotten it. April 23, 1994. I just a little baby, when my mum made me go to our neighbors to meet their baby girl. Or, at least this is what my mum told me. I was going to make this the best birthday she has ever had.
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