Perfect Harmony

Sydney was born and raised in Cheshire. She was bestfriends with Harry Styles. When he tries out for XFactor, Sydney feels like he forgot about her. She moves away and encounters him again. What will happen to the couple that was meant to be?


14. Mum

Sydney's POV

"Wait, I might not ever be able to walk again?" I asked starting to cry.
"The chances of you walking again are 1 in 50. We fixed your spine but that doesn't necessarily mean that you'll be able to walk again." I couldn't believe what she was saying. I might never be able to walk again.
"How are we going to know if she's gonna be able to walk again?" Harry asked.
"We will give her physical therapy for a few weeks, and if she doesn't improve within those few weeks then, that's how we'll know." She told me.
"So, all I have to do is do well in physical therapy?" I asked, excitedly.
"Yes, but don't get your hopes up, your chances are 1 in 50. I'll leave you two alone." The doctor left.
"Sydney, I know you can do well in physical therapy. I believe in you. You're going to walk again." Harry told me confidently.
"I know." I told him.

Harry's POV
I can't believe Sydney might not walk again. I called my mum. "Harry! Oh my gosh!! Are you and Sydney okay?" I broke down it tears. "Mum, Sydney might not be able to walk again." I told her, crying. "I'm calling her her mum, and I'll be there soon." I told her goodbye, and laid back in bed. Before falling asleep, I was thinking of all the things that could happen, if Sydney could, or couldn't walk again. As much as I would love to help her, I have tour, and I want her to walk again.

Sydney's POV
I woke up, and Harry, Anne, and my pregnant mother were in the room. She's pretty big, so if she has the baby, it's a good thing she's in a hospital. I was still so mad at her, but I was still extremely pissed off at my dad. "What're you guys doing here?" I asked. "Well," Harry spoke up. "I called my mum, to tell her everything, and she called your mum, and they came together." I nodded to tell them I understood. "When can I leave?" I asked. I hated hospitals. When I was little, I was constantly in and out of hospitals. Broken bone, severe injuries, severe illness, serious infections, stuff like that. Nothing good ever came from hospitals, and I get claustrophobic, so small rooms, don't go over we'll with me. "The doctor said, a few more weeks, and you can go back home in a wheel chair. We're going to have to do a lot of things so it's more accessible to you." Harry spoke. "She's not going home with you!" My mom spoke. "Yes I am." I argued. "No you're not. He can't take care of you! You can't take care of yourself! You're coming back to live with me!" She replied. "What do you think I've been doing the past few years?! Lisa and Payton never did shit for me. I had to do it all on my own. Harry's been taking care of me on tour. There is no way in hell I'm going back to live with you, and that ass who knocked you up. Oh, by the way, thank you so fucking much for inviting me to the wedding! Ya know, I bet it was magical! And so full of love! Especially since your shitty daughter, who you don't seem to care for, AT ALL wasn't there! Yeah! I bet you had a nice time!" She stormed out of the room. Anne and Harry stood there awkwardly. Anne spoke up. "Sydney, your mum loves you." Tears were forming in my eyes. "Then why didn't she stop me from moving to America? Why didn't she invite me to her wedding? Why didn't she tell me she was even getting married? Why didn't she tell me she was pregnant?" Anne looked at me concerned. "She loves you. She was too afraid to tell you." "Why?" I asked. "It'd be much better than keeping it from me. I feel like I would be a whole lot nicer to her, if she would've told me." I replied. She nodded and got up. Harry sat next to me. "Don't you dare tell me that I shouldn't have said that to her. You know damn well that you would've said the same thing to your mum if she treated you the way my mum does." He nodded. "I wasn't. I was just wanting to sit next you you." I smiled, and put my head on his shoulder. "Do they know who did this to us?" I asked. He nodded. "Who?" I asked. He didn't tell me. Tears were forming in my eyes, as I was begging him. "Your dad."
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