Perfect Harmony

Sydney was born and raised in Cheshire. She was bestfriends with Harry Styles. When he tries out for XFactor, Sydney feels like he forgot about her. She moves away and encounters him again. What will happen to the couple that was meant to be?


13. Hospital

Harry's POV
I woke in a hospital bed. The boys were here.
"Where's Sydney?" I asked. They all got worried looks on their faces. They weren't gonna tell me.
"Where is she?!?" I demanded. Louis was the first one to speak up.
"She's in the ICU. You guys were in a car accident on your way to the restaurant." He told me. I didn't know what to do. I felt anger and sadness at the same time. I was angry at myself for letting that happen and I was sad that Sydney is in the ICU.
"What exactly happened?" I asked.
"Well, you guys were in the car and a car came and hit Sydney's side of the car. She was facing you when the car hit. Luckily she was still buckled in still but the car was coming at you way too fast and it broke her spine." Liam told me.
"This is all my fault." I repeated over and over.
"No it's not! Harry! It was the other driver's fault and it could've happened to anyone!" Niall tried comforting me.
"Wait, what happened to me?" I asked.
"Glass shards hit your face and you broke a few bones. They said you should be out within a few days of waking up." Zayn told me, trying to smile.
"What about Sydney?" I asked.
"They're in the middle of surgery right now, but she needs a few weeks to recover before she can leave." Lou told me. I couldn't believe this. That should be me in there right now. I told the lads I was tired so I was gonna go to sleep. I really just wanted alone time. I turned on the t.v.
"Harry Styles and girlfriend, Sydney Spendlove have been in a terrible car accident," I heard the newsreporter say. I looked up to see a picture of the accident. It was terrible. "Both are in the hospital, Harry is recovering, while Sydney is in the ICU." She finished. How did they find out these things? I called in the nurse. I wanted to get out of this room for a while. She let me go around in a wheelchair. I went up to the ICU. Luckily, Sydney was out of surgery now, so I could go in and see her. She was sleeping when I walked in. I couldn't believe what had happened.
"Sydney, I'm so sorry! This is all my fault! Please get better! I don't know what I'd do with out you!" She couldn't hear me and I knew that, just then the doctor had walked in.
"How is she?" I asked. I was really nervous to what she was going to say.
"She's doing better. We should be happy she's alive." She told me with confidence.
"Do you know when she should wake up?" I really miss her.
"In a few hours or so. Come back then." She told me. I went back to my room and I got help to get back into bed. I decided there wouldn't be anything to do while waiting for Sydney. I decided to go to sleep.

Sydney's POV
I woke up in a hospital bed remembering those bright lights before everything went black. A doctor walked in.
"Harry just left, he wanted to see you." I smiled at her saying this.
"What happened?" I asked. My voice came out groggy and broken.
"You and Harry were in a car accident and the impact broke your back." She told me. Now that she mentioned it, my back did hurt, a lot!
"What happened to Harry?" I asked nervous. I shouldn't be though, he is obviously better than me.
"He broke a few bones and some glass shards hit him. Don't worry, we got them all out and he's fine now."
"Can you bring him in here?" I asked.
''I can sure try!" she told me. Just a few minutes later the doctor and Harry came in. I couldn't stop smiling knowing that he's doing okay.
"I'm so sorry Sydney, this is all my fault!" He told me sweetly.
"Harry, it's not your fault! It's okay! I'll be up and walking soon and I can leave!" I told him.
"Actually," the doctor interrupted us, "You probably won't be walking."
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