Perfect Harmony

Sydney was born and raised in Cheshire. She was bestfriends with Harry Styles. When he tries out for XFactor, Sydney feels like he forgot about her. She moves away and encounters him again. What will happen to the couple that was meant to be?


5. Fight

Sydney's POV
I got text from all the girls about being asked out. So much for the sob story. Harry and I were laying in my bed with the TV on in the background. "When do we leave?" I asked him. "When is your aunt and cousin coming back." "Five days." "Then, four days!" I giggled. "Yay! Better leave a note and get out ASAP!!" He laughed. "Well, then, lets get some sleep. Time flies when you're sleeping. I fell asleep in his arms. This is something I can get used to. I felt his strong arms relax as he fell asleep. His curls lay on the pillow, and his body calm. I woke up and Harry was just waking up, when I was almost done with breakfast. He walked into the kitchen and wrapped his arms around my stomach. I turned my head and kissed his cheek. "Pancakes?" I asked. "Yum!" Which meant, yes please!! "Harry, can we pack my stuff today and leave?" I asked. "Of course babe!" He responded shoving pancakes in his mouth.

Harry's POV
I was helping Sydney pack when I opened her underwear drawer. She got up quickly, with a look that could kill. "Stay. Out. Of there." She said quietly. I pulled out a pair. "Ooo black lace." I teased. She started running. "Harry! Stop it!!" I towered above her in height, so I lifted my arm up. She started climbing me like a pole. "What're you doing?!" I asked her. "You obviously don't remember recess with me!" She teased. I switched hands and dropped the underwear. She dropped to the ground. "Next time... You're dead for sure!" She spoke. I was really tempted to do it again, but I decided not to. Two suitcases later, we were finally done. "Ready to leave?" I asked her. "Yeah. Just let me write a note." She finished, and I read it before we left. It read, "Dear Lisa and Payton, thank you for all you have done for me. I'm leaving now to go on tour with Harry, and I'm moving in with him after tour. Call me whenever you want. Love, Sydney." I grabbed her bags and put them in the car. She left her van keys on the counter. "So this is it?" She asked. I nodded. "Well, let's start our life together again." The car drove away to the hotel, so we could get everyone.

Paige's POV
"What do you mean you're not packed?!" Sydney yelled. Leaving home was hard for her, and I don't know why. She had done it before. "Not all of us were spending the night with our boyfriend at our house!" Sophia screamed back. "Just go get packed! I don't want to be here anymore!!" She yelled again. Harry brought her into his room, and came out. "I'm sorry guys. This is just stressful for her." All of us forgave them, and we left to go pack. We pulled up to the drive and walked in. My mom was sitting in the front room, reading a book when we walked in. She put the book down and gave an evil glare to Louis. "Who's this?" She asked angry. "Mom, this is Louis Tomlinson, Louis, this is my mom, Jacki." She got up and shook his hand. "What is he doing here?" She asked. "I'm going on tour with One Direction, and living with Louis after the tour." I told her. "And who told you, that you could do that?" She asked sounding furious. "Mom, I'm eighteen. You can't control me anymore!" I stuck up for myself. "I don't care! You aren't moving out!" "Watch me..." I said quietly running up to my room, with Louis behind me. I slammed the door shut and locked it. "Paige Nicole Shill! If you leave, I will never talk to you again!" My heart sunk. She was my only parent, and I didn't want to lose her, yet I really wanted to go with Louis. Tears were forming in my eyes as I yelled back. "Then I guess this is goodbye!" Lou got up off my bed and held me tight. "You don't have to come!" He whispered. "If she's going to act like this, then I don't want to be here any more." He lightly pressed his lips to my forehead, and helped me pack. We were done quickly, and I got out of my house quickly.

Louis's POV
Everyone was soon back to the hotel. "Can we just leave already?" Sydney asked. We all nodded. We grabbed the bags, and got into the car to take us to the airport. We were waiting in a private room. "Why were you guys so anxious to leave?" Liam asked us. I looked at Harry and he was looking right back. Paige and Sydney were looking at each other too. Sydney spoke up. "I'm just ready to leave." She said quietly. "My mom and I got in a fight," she was hearing up. "And she said that if I left," her voice was cracking and she spoke quietly. "She would never talk to me again." She whispered. The girls embraced her in a hug. "It's okay. I'm okay." She said giggling while being squished by their hugs. The private jet came, and we all got on.

Jessy's POV
We were sitting with everyone, and just ate lunch. "Where are we going?!" I begged Niall. "You'll see!" He told me. "You didn't tell me where we were going on our date! And now you won't tell me where we're going on tour?!" I whined. "Still not telling you!" He teased. I groaned. I yawned. Niall looked at me. "You tired?" I nodded. He stood up and held his hand out for me to grab. I took his hand and we walked into a room. I got into shorts and a tank top and laid in bed. I woke up when we landed. Niall saw my eyes open and smiled. "Welcome to Brazil!"
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