Perfect Harmony

Sydney was born and raised in Cheshire. She was bestfriends with Harry Styles. When he tries out for XFactor, Sydney feels like he forgot about her. She moves away and encounters him again. What will happen to the couple that was meant to be?


18. Depression

Harry's POV
    She hasn't moved for the past few days. I've made her eat. I got told that we needed to record for the new album. "Hey babe. I have to go record, okay?" She nodded. "Do you want to come with?" She shook her head. I was happy to get some kind of reaction out of her. 
    I walked out the door. I knew that I wouldn't be gone for very long so I wasn't too worried. "Hey man. You okay?" Louis asked as he saw me. He must've seen the worried look. "She'll only eat when I force her to, and the most reaction I got out of her was today when I told her I was coming and asked her if she wanted to come. And she nodded when I told her I was leaving and shook her head when I asked if she wanted to come. She's been in the same position for the past three days and hasn't slept. I don't know what to do anymore." He signed. "She'll be okay. I know she will. You just have to get her to move." I nodded. I tried as best as I could to record the album. I was gone for about an hour and I could finally go home. 
    I walked in the door, and walked into the bedroom. Sydney wasn't there. Instead, I heard the shower running. I walked into the bathroom, and Sydney didn't hear me. I pulled the shower curtain back a little bit to check on her. The water was crimson red. I looked up a little bit to see Sydney dragging a blade across her wrist. I didn't care what happened, I needed her to stop. I hopped in the shower, and pulled it away from her. 
    "Harry! Give it back!" She screamed. "No! I don't want you doing this to yourself!" I yelled back. She tried fighting me all she could. But I was taller and stronger than her. It was five minutes later, my clothes were soaked with water and her blood, and her blood had dripped down her body, she finally gave up, and sat in a ball on the shower floor. I shut the water off. "Why?" I asked quietly. She sat there for a minute thinking, with tears streaming down her face. "I wanted to make sure I was still alive. If I could feel the pain then I would know for sure. I feel like the deaths of my family is my fault." I sat down next to her. The blade was within her reach, and she looked away from it. I set it down. "Sydney, I love you so much. None of this was your fault. Your mum and little sister was no one's fault, your dad's death was John's fault. You caused none of this." She nodded. 
    I grabbed a towel, and wrapped it around her, and picked her up. I carried her bridal style, and laid her down on the bed. I saw that she wasn't going to move, so I went to grab us new clothes. I grabbed us both sweats and a sweatshirt of mine. I picked her up again, and brought her back into the bathroom. I turned on the shower, and undressed myself. I took the towel from Sydney. Once the temperature was perfect, I got in, and pulled Sydney in behind me. She had a blank expression on her face. She stood there in the water, staring at the ground, expressionless. I carefully grabbed her arm. Gently, I wiped the blood off her arm, and kissed each scar on her arm. I grabbed the soap, and gently applied it to her body, and then mine. The blank expression was slowly coming off her face, and a look of love, and compassion on her face. 
    After our shower, and we were all dressed, we laid in bed, and I held her close. "I'm sorry, Harry," she whispered softly. "Hey, why are you apoligising?" I asked her. "Everything. I mess up all the time and I just don't know why you, or anyone else would want me." I held her tighter. "I don't know why anyone wouldn't want you," I knew a small smile creeped on her face, and in minutes, her breath was asleep. 
Sydney's POV    
    I woke an hour later. The sun was going down, and Harry was fast asleep, his arms still wrapped around me. I put a pillow in my place, so he wouldn't notice. I walked to thebathroom, the blade was still sitting on the shower floor. I was tempeted, but decided to throw it away instead. I looked at my arms, and it was awful. I couldn't believe I did that to myself. I felt my arm, and the skin was extremely hot. Harry walked in and I looked at him with a nervous expression. He looked worried. "I think it's infected." He grabbed me by the waist, grabbed his keys, and took me to the hospital. We got to the hospital, and they took us in right away. I was sitting on a bed, and they were examining my arm. They decided to clean it. Just touching the scars hurt, how was I supposed to handle them cleaning it? 
    "Be strong," Harry mouthed. I nodded. They came in with the stuff to clean my arm, and Harry held a hand out for me to squeeze. I was silently sobbing. They finished cleaning it, and wrapped it. I was laying on the hospital bed when I looked to Harry. "I want to go visit my stepdad, John"

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