Perfect Harmony

Sydney was born and raised in Cheshire. She was bestfriends with Harry Styles. When he tries out for XFactor, Sydney feels like he forgot about her. She moves away and encounters him again. What will happen to the couple that was meant to be?


6. Brazilian Beach

Sydney's POV
I put on my bikini. The top was strapless and hot pink, and the bottoms were black. I walked out of the bathroom and Harry looked at me, his jaw practically hitting the ground. I giggled. "What?" I asked. "You look amazing in that!" I giggled and quickly put my black tank top and short denim shorts on. He was still staring at me. "What?" I giggled. "You just look..." He paused. "Amazing!" I giggled and covered myself with my towel. "Don't do that! You're beautiful." I smiled and kept the towel around me. He came behind me and took the towel away. He pressed his soft lips to mine. After the kiss he whispered. "Can we stay here, and..." Before he finished I backed away from him. "Nu uh!!! We're meeting the others at the beach! And c'mon Styles, we've been dating for five days. I'm not that easy." I told him. He grunted, and gave me a pouty face. "Please?" He said lifting up my shirt. "No!" I said in the same tone, pulling it down. "Argh! Fine!" He said. He put on a shirt, we grabbed our sunglasses and towels, and everything else, and headed down to the beach. When we finally got there, everyone was in the water. "What took you guys so long?" Lou asked. I looked up at Harry. "This one," I said pointing to Harry. "Wanted to have some fun, if you understand what I'm trying to say..." Lou hobbled over in laughter. "It's only been five days, mate!" I laughed. "That's what I told him!" I said walking into the water hand in hand with Harry. "Well, we've known each other our whole lives!" Harry tried to explain. "But we haven't been dating our whole lives!" I said with my arms wrapped around him. He just smiled and kissed my lips passionately. We stood there kissing until, we got splashed with water. We splashed back and ended up in a water war. Some got up my nose and I started coughing. Harry ran over to me. "'Oh my gosh! Are you okay?!" He asked. "Yeah! I'm fine. I'm just going to go sit down for a little bit." I said in between coughs. He nodded, and I left to go sit on the beach. I laid my towel out and laid under the huge umbrella. I heard footsteps and thought people we coming out of the water. I looked up to see three guys. I stood up. Even standing up, they were towering over me. "Can I help you?" I said with attitude. "Oooo this British babe has an attitude! Sexy!" They told me. "Ugh. Can you pigs just leave me alone?" They surrounded me. "We wanna take you home..." They continued and said some disgusting things, that I'm gonna keep to myself. "If you're that desperate, maybe you should go to the bar and find some girl, who might want you, and not here at the beach, telling me some disgusting things, when I already have a boyfriend." There were three of them, and five of our guys. The boys were taller than these pricks. I saw Harry running up, and boy, did he look pissed, or what?! I couldn't help but laugh. The guys turned to see Harry running. Harry stopped running and spoke quietly. "Step away from my girlfriend." "Or what?" One of them asked. I pushed them aside and walked toward Harry. I could see the others running up. "Or they'll kick your arse." I said softly. "C'mon baby... We just want a little fun!" One of the guys said grabbing my arm. By now the guys were here and I pushed the guys hand off of me, and kicked him in the stomach. "We got this." Harry told me as the guy was on the ground, trying to get up. "You sure?" I asked. He nodded and dipped me down and kissed me, making sure the guys saw, I was his. I walked over to the girls, and nothing happened. The little pricks walked away and I laid down again. Harry came and laid next to me. "Do you want to go out tonight?" He asked. "Of course! I would love to! Where are we going?" I asked him. "Well, after the concert, I was thinking of going around Rio to tour." I smiled. "That sounds wonderful." I told him. I laid out and tanned my skin for a little while. I went back under the umbrella. Everyone came back from the water. "I'm hungry!" Niall spoke up. "Of course you are!" Louis teased him. "Well, lets get dresses and go out to lunch!" I spoke. Everyone agreed. We packed everything up, and drove to a nearby restaurant, after putting our stuff in the hotel. We ate lunch and went back to the hotel to get ready for the night. "Harry, I'm going to go shower!" "I need to shower too! Can I shower with you?" He asked. I giggled. "No. But you can sit inside the bathroom while I shower. If you peak, I will kill you." He smiled. "Yay!" He cheered. I was rinsing out the conditioner, when I saw a hand. I grabbed the curtain and pulled it against me as I peeped out of the shower. "Don't you dare!" I told Harry as he backed off, embarrassed that he got caught. I just laughed. "I'm almost done!" I finished showering, and grabbed my towel and robe, managing to keep me hidden from Harry. While he showered, I went and got dressed, into white short shorts, and a light blue, laced tube top, with belt around the stomach. After Harry was done in the shower, I walked in and did my hair and makeup. I used hair chalk, on my tips with hot pink and let my hair go naturally curly. I did my usual makeup with eyeliner and mascara. Harry got dressed and we left for the concert rehearsals. I left to go on stage. Since I never recorded any songs but cover songs, I was going to be singing those. We were all done rehearsing, and it was my time to go on stage. "I don't want to. They're going to hate me!" I complained to Harry. "They're going to love you. Please! For me?" I sighed and trudged out to grab my microphone. The stage was dark as I walked out. A single spotlight came on, and music started playing. The cheers overpowered the boo's, and that night, I lived my dream.
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