The Cold Ones

Naomi and Sam are vampires- their best friends are vampires. Naomi is very beautiful and popular and she has the best life ever. But her past is dark and full of secrets and Sam helped her to move on, now Naomi thinks that everything is over but it isn't... It will start haunting her again, it will come to get her back, the darkness- it's everywhere. This story is full of mystery, vampires, witches and much more.


2. The Hunt

 "Wake up darling," I hear Sam lying next to me. He's been up for a while- maybe the whole night I don't know. I try to open my eyes, it's still dark and Sam is ready to go out.

 "Hmm, hunting time?" I ask, trying to laugh but I'm very sleepy. But then I feel that burning fire in my throat and I know I have to go. Vampires don't really need sleep but when they are thirsty they get tired. And I'm very thirsty right now that means that I'm also very sleepy. But when I start to think about fresh blood it gives me a boost of energy so I open my eyes and look at Sam. "Good morning, what time is it?"

 "Good morning," he gives me a little good morning kiss like he always does. "It's hunting time" he starts to laugh but when he sees the look on my face he gets serious and says, "Sorry, I know you're dying to get some blood, it's 4,31 am."

 "Great, then we have enough time to feed and get ready for school," I'm upset and tired and thirsty but at least we have time. 

 "Yes, time is all we have," Sam says dreamily. We get out of bed and I put my clothes on, Sam is already dressed. We need to wear things that are comfortable so I choose a simple white t-shirt and stretchy pants. Sam is wearing his favorite jeans and a black shirt- and he looks very sexy like that. When he sees the way I'm looking at him he comes and gives me a little kiss on the cheek, "Lets go hunt."


 The forest is right behind our house. It has to be near. Oh how I love hunting together. It's the end of the summer but it's still very warm outside and the forest is still green. I can hear the birds sing on trees but they stop it when we get near- I think that they can sense who we are. I look back and see our house, it's white and it's not very big- it only has 15 apartments in it. I'm trying to listen if everyone's asleep. I can hear a dog barking not far from here. Sam is looking back at me and I give him a little nod that we can go on, everything's alright.

 We step into the forest. He's focused, I can see it in his eyes and the way he's standing. So I try to focus too. It's a thick forest at first but if you go on you'll find yourself on a clearing. That's where I'm going. I rush through the forest, the wind is whistling in my ears when I run. Everything is quiet and the only things I see are trees- mostly pine trees. Moss is soft under my feet, the air is fresh from the rain. And I'm here, I'm on the clearing.

 I must concentrate, I have to hide. I go behind a big rock and listen. I can hear a deer coming towards. I wait few minutes and I can see it, it's looking around the clearing and when it sees it's empty it starts moving. It's a big deer, it must be a male deer. That should be enough for me to feed on. Later I have to find Sam- he must drink more than I do- and then we can hunt for pleasure, we hunt hares and squirrels, it's really fun.

 It's almost here. C'mon little budy, come here. I can hear the blood in his vanes, warm- I think about how it takes the burning pain away, just a little more. Now! I jump. The deer sees me and tries to run but I'm fast, very fast. I sink my teeth into his skin. They're sharp so they cut instantly. I rip his skin apart and find the warm liquid. Blood goes through my throat to the rest of my body and I feel an instant relief to the pain. It's so good. Now when the pain is gone I can drink to fill my body with energy. It was a big deer but I can always drink more. I smile for the thought of hunting with Sam. 

 I listen again, I think I can hear him. I run, I run as fast as I can. There's new energy inside me, I'm faster. I can use all my senses now- they are stronger. Before it was thirst what controlled me but now I'm the one who controls, I control myself.

 I see him. Hes done too. He was waiting for me. He smiles to me when I run to him. I see a body on the ground. It's a smaller bear.

 "A bear?" I ask, raise an eyebrow and give him a little smile.

 He laughs, "Yes, a bear, you took the biggest deer," and winks to me.

 "Hey! How do you know it was a deer?" I'm actually not surprised that he knows. 

 "I saw you, I like to watch you hunt. It's weird that you didn't hear me," he's flirting with me but I like to watch him hunt too.

 "No I didn't hear you, maybe I was just so thirsty and focused on the hunt," I'm not really surprised that I didn't hear him, I was very focused on the deer.

 "Maybe," he agrees with me. "I've got some hares here, want one?" he looks back and shows me three hares he's killed.

 "I catch my own bunnies," I wink to him and start running.

 "Come back!" he laughs and comes after me.

 "No way, I want bunnies!" I laugh and then I stop. He runs right at me and we fall to the moss. We're still laughing.

 "Well, I caught my bunny," he looks at me and kisses me passionately. I guess the hunt is over...

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