The Cold Ones

Naomi and Sam are vampires- their best friends are vampires. Naomi is very beautiful and popular and she has the best life ever. But her past is dark and full of secrets and Sam helped her to move on, now Naomi thinks that everything is over but it isn't... It will start haunting her again, it will come to get her back, the darkness- it's everywhere. This story is full of mystery, vampires, witches and much more.


4. School

I step out of the car, take my bag and close the doors when I see Sam is out too. I look at our school house- it's a small yellow building with 4 floors. Another year... I can already see my friends waving and smiling to me and I try to do the same. I look at Sam, he gives me a smile and takes my hand.
He opens the big glass door and we step in. It's warm outside so we don't have to put our clothes away, we just go upstairs and start going to our classroom. People are saying hi to me, they seem very happy seeing me- so am I. I'm popular and I have many friends. Every girl in the school wants to be me or at least look like me, and every boy wants to date me. Sam kinda keeps away from all of it but he is popular too. Some people say that when you're popular then you are a bitch, but I'm actually very nice and that's why I have many friends.
Our school isn't big but it has all what it needs. It remainds me a little bit of hospital- it's very blue and I don't even know why but it does look like a hospital.
We go to the last floor- we have music class and it's always boring. Gives me the time to catch up with Ellie. Oh, and she's here.
"Ellie!" I'm so happy to see her, it's been to long since I last saw my favourite witch. Sam lets my hand go and I run up to Ellie to hug her.
"Oh, Nai," she sighs and holds me tight. "Well you deffinitely look the same," she giggles and winks to me.
"I should say the same about you," she is not a vampire but she still is an immortal. I might be prettier than others buy my two best friends- Ellie and Savannah- are beautiful too.
"Well then I guess my spells are working," she smiles bright. I smile too, she is a witch but she doesn't need spells to keep herself alive. Witches are like vampires- they live forever.
"Hi, El," Sam is here and greets Ellie. We all are good friends with eatch other- me, Sam, Savannah and Chris, Ellie and Jack. We've spent so much time together and we are all best friends.
"Hi, Sam!" She gives him a smile and looks back to me. "So what are we going to do today? What do you think about shopping?"
"Yeah, sounds good. Is it okay if I go?" I look at Sam waiting for an answer, already knowing it.
"Of course you can go, I'll just let Jack to drive me back home after school," he smiles and the bell rings. "I have to go to class now but see you guys later," he gives me a hug and a little kiss, nods to El and walks away.
We're not in the same class, he is "one year older" than me, even though I'm actually 258 years older than him. How ironic.
"So lets go to the class?" Ellie asks taking her bag.
"Yes, of course," I smile to her.
"Nice bag, is it new?" She asks when I take my bag and throw it over my shoulder.
"Thanks! Not really, I got it for my birthday but haven't used it yet," I got it from my mom about a month ago, I was saving it for school.
We wait when our classmates step into the classroom and then I close the door. We say hi to the teacher and take our seats. I sit in the front row next to the window and the piano is right infront of me so the teacher can't actually see me. Ellie sits right behind me so we start talking about shopping and clothes and other girl stuff while the teacher is talking about music history- and it's very boring.
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