The Cold Ones

Naomi and Sam are vampires- their best friends are vampires. Naomi is very beautiful and popular and she has the best life ever. But her past is dark and full of secrets and Sam helped her to move on, now Naomi thinks that everything is over but it isn't... It will start haunting her again, it will come to get her back, the darkness- it's everywhere. This story is full of mystery, vampires, witches and much more.


3. After The Hunt

 I unlock the door to our home. We're back. Loved the hunt today and it's also a great start to the first day of school this year. I feel the energy inside me and it's getting stronger and stronger and stronger.I smile to myself. 

 "I'll go get a shower" I say to Sam and he nods. He takes his shirt off and gives it to me.

 "Can you please put it to the washer?," he has this cute smile on his face when I look at his body- it's just perfect.

 "Sure," I look at him like I wasn't just drooling but I shouldn't be ashamed of myself- he's my boyfriend and we've spent centuries together. So I take his shirt and go to the bathroom while he is turning the TV on.

 I take off my clothes, my white shirt is dirty because we were lying on the ground but there's not a drop of blood on it. You learn it with time, you learn how to hunt. I put Sam's shirt and my clothes to the washer. I look in the mirror. Centuries have gone by but I still look the same- beautiful like always. I smile to myself. My big and dark black eyes, my dark brown hair,  round lips- perfect. I stop looking in the mirror and step into the shower. The water is cold- it's refreshing- I hate hot water. I wash all the dirt away from my body and hair and think about the hunt. I can still feel the taste of fresh blood in my mouth. I shampoo my hair and turn the water off. I wrap a blue towel around me and step on the warm floor. Our bathroom is the color of peach- orange, maybe a little darker than peach. I wash my teeth and the taste of blood is gone now. I take my make- up bag, hair brush and go to the living room.

 "Your turn," I say to Sam. He stands up and goes to the bathroom, I can hear the running water when he takes the shower. I dry my hair and think about what to wear. I decide to put on a summer dress- it's blue and it's with a kidney pattern, they are orange and pink, purple. I put on some make up and brush my hair. I put them into a bun. By that time Sam was ready too.

 "Are you ready?" Sam asks coming out from the bedroom. He is wearing a white shirt and blue jeans.

 "Yes I am, I'll just get my bag," I go to the bedroom and take my Louis Vuitton's bag.


"Are we taking your car or mine?" I ask, already knowing the answer.

 "Yours," he winks and sits on the passenger seat.

 "You really like my car, don't you?" I ask laughing.

 "Oh yes I do. And I bought it, remember?" he's look is meant to make me guilty but it isn't. I actually laugh.

 "You bought, I picked. I just have a good taste- and expensive too," my car is an Audi- Audi R8. It's an amazing car but also very expensive.

 "Fine! You win," he says to me knowing how stubborn I am. And we both laugh.

 I start driving. It's not a long trip from here to school- about 15 minutes. We'll just have to grab some coffee on our way. The traffic is okay and we have to drive about 7 minutes to get to the cafe. 

 "Are you going to get the coffee?" I ask from Sam.

"Yes, and I'll bring some cupcakes too. It's still the first day of school," he answers knowing me so well. He know that I love these cupcakes.

 "Yes, cupcakes!" he laughs at me when I am trying to be very enthusiastic, I laugh too.

  I pull the car over to the little cafe and Sam opens the door. "I'll be right back," he says and goes in. I don't have to wait long when I see him coming out from the cafe with cups of coffee and a white box with cupcakes in it. He gives me the coffee and says, "Have a great first day of school!" and smiles to me.

 "Thank you," I give him a cute smile, move closer to him and give him a kiss.


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