Percy Jackson fan fiction

KK this is kinda wierd but i am pj crazy and i wanted to have a go at a fan fiction book . . . plz tell me what you think


2. Who?

Before Percy could intervine Nico grabbed the leg of, Percy could now see was a girl in what appeared to be school uniform, and pulled it forward. She fell on her back and Nico hastily got up and unsheathed his sword, the girl scrambled back, fear filled her eyes and Percy was worried Nico was going a bit far. But before anyone could do anything the mysterious girl grabbed a stray sword and cut Nico's leg, Nico let out a yelp and doubled forward clutching his knee. She swiped her legs under his feet triping him up, before clambering onto him clutching his neck in her hands. Percy ran forward but Nico managed to put his legs up under her and kicked her in the stomach. She fell back into Percy who hooked his arms under her armpits, she tried to lurch forward as Nico got up. He looked at Percy then at the girl flailing in his arms.

'Um . . . Nico, care to explain who your new friend is.' Nico scratched his head and wiped some blood from his mouuth.

'I don't actually know'

'You don't know?!' The girl had stopped moving and was now blowing the hair out of her eyes.

'Course I know Percy, she's called Lola.'

'Lola?' Percy asked.

'Percy!' Lola spat, pulling herself free from his grasp.

'Lola!' Nico growled.

'Nico?' Percy asked, trying to work out what was going on.

'Percy' Nico shot him a pleading look as if reading his thoughts.

'Nico, you promised.' Lola chocked, a look of guilt washed over Nico and Percy realised just how tired he was.

'I think we should go to Chiron.' Percy decided, a look of fear made Lola shake.

'No' She screamed, she ran toward Nico and took his wrists. 'Nico, I told you I don't want to be here, you know why.' Nico pushed her away, and walked out the arena. Percy led Lola out of  the arena and toward the big house.

'Get off me, bro (!)' She growled.

Percy had a bad feeling  about what that meant, and had a feeling he wasn't the only one dreading the coming days.


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