Percy Jackson fan fiction

KK this is kinda wierd but i am pj crazy and i wanted to have a go at a fan fiction book . . . plz tell me what you think


3. Percy gets a bunkmate

Chiron sat at wheelchair form on the porch of the big house, him and Mr.D were so indulged in their pinochle cards they didn't notice the three scruffy teenagers coming up to meet them. Percy was holding Lola by the upper arm and she seemed to recoil when she got near anything. Mr.D was the first to notice them and emmitted a gruff cough to get Chirons attentoin. Chiron looked up and heaved a heavy sigh, Lola shot him a sickly sweet smile as he wheeled himself into the front room of the bighouse. Percy wasn't sure what else to do except follow them in, all three of them sat down on the cushy leather sofa. Suprisingly Mr.D also came in which worried Percy.

'I should probably get back to sword practising' Percy said getting up.

'Actually Percy we need you here.' Chiron said, not taking his eyes off Lola. Percy sat back down.

'Why?' Percy asked, thinking back to what Peter said earlier.

'Lola's . . . important . . . . she's-'

'Spit it out Chiron, she's a child of salty beard up there.' Mr.D gestured to the dark sky above.Percy looked at the girl next to him, who looked distastfully at Nico who sat in the corner, scowling back.

'What! Why wasn't she brought to camp soon, she could've helped out in the Titan war, or when we fought Gia or . . . or'

'Calm down Percy, Lola came to camp when she was 8, a year after you came here. We didn't know she was so powerful at the time and she decided to make it in the outside world, then one of my satyr friends iris messaged me, saying she had been claimed by Poseidon. Then-'

'Then Nico tried to convince me to come back to camp, train with you, when I refused he took me here by force and voila.'

'Um, but she shouldn't be alive, Poseidon wasn't suppossed to have children after world war two.'

'Percy, you were born after world war two.' Chiron remarked

'Still, I deserved to know I had a sister!'

'Percy you did, that's why we brought her here'

'Uh, don't I get a say in this?' Lola demanded.

'No' Mr.D retorted.

'I'm sorry Lola but you need to come back to camp for a while so you can learn to control your powers.' Chiron apologised.

'Thanks a lot Nico.' She spat, Nico shrank back into his chair.

'Well then, it's settled.' Mr.D clapped is hands together cheerily. 'Percy has a bunkmate!' Lola got up and stormed out the room, Nico smiled at Percy.

'Have fun with her dude.' Percy got up after her.



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