Percy Jackson fan fiction

KK this is kinda wierd but i am pj crazy and i wanted to have a go at a fan fiction book . . . plz tell me what you think


1. Nico make's a dramatic entrance

Percy wiped the sweat from his forehead, he was trying to keep cool but this kid was really trying his nerves. Oppisite him a lanky 13 year old was trying to grip the heavy swords in his clamy hands, Percy tried to block out the rest of the Apollo cabin who were watching with bated breath.                                       

'Kid watch your footing' The kid looked down at his feet then back up at Percy who was spowly advancing. 'Keep your arm up' Percy hit his ribs, the kid stumbled back and tripped up on his feet. Percy sighed and streched his back, he gesteured for them to split of into pairs. The scrawny kid clambered out of the dust and toward the rest of his cabin but before he got to far, Percy grabbed his arm and pulled him forward to confront him.                         

'What?!' he exclaimed pulling his arm away. Percy had finally had enough.                                                  

'Listen kid, sword fighting is critical if you want to make it out there in the real world.'

'Really? Because I thought you were the one that is basically useless without his precious sword from daddy, you cant fight hand to hand, you cant shoot arrows or throw a net. If it weren't for your daddy you would be just another speck on the demi-god floor like the rest of us.' Percy diddn't know what to say, he just opened and closed his mouth, which wasn't very heoric. 'Face it . . . do you even know my name.' Percy snorted at the comment but tried to hide his fear as he racked his brain trying to place this kid.

'L-l-lau-laurence' The kid scowled at him.

'Peter, it's good to know you care.' Percy readied himself, he wasn't going to let this kid embarress him like this and get away with it.

'Hey, hhang on a sec.' The kid turned round but before he got a chance to rant off what he wanted to say the room darkend, a chill went through the air and Percy only had a chance to realise what was going on before two figures soared out of the shadows. He just had time to recognise Nico di Angelo before the other figure started kicking him in the head.


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