Doesn't last forever

I just want to show my real self. I don't wanna act anymore. It's been to long. You changed my life. You made me open to who I really was and showed everyone that I wasn't this. I really do love you and I hope we last forever. But does it? Does it last forever?


2. The Horror it can bring.

Krissy's POV

"Where the hell have you been!!"

My father yelled at me. My ears ringed a little from how loud he yelled.

"I.... I" I stuttered. He scared me. I was afraid that this wouldn't end right and I knew that I was going to be right.

"Answer me!!!" He yelled.

"I..... I...... I wa-"

I got cut off by his hand piercing through my skin. He slapped me with all his force and I couldn't speak. My mind went crazy and all the tears just flowed down my cheek. It was all crazy and tons of negative thoughts ran through my head. The pain was undescribable.

"Answer my question!!!" He yelled louder than before.

"I.... I wa..... was." I couldn't get the right words out. I was shaking so much that I was afraid that I was gonna die right on my kitchen floor.

He slapped me with more force and this time a screech came out of my mouth. I fell all the way on the floor so my head touched the ground. My cheeks burned with pain. I felt like I fell off a 50 ft building and fell smack on my face. But it actually felt worse than that. My dad was a really strong man and he used all his power on my cheeks.

"Go to your room! And never come out till morning!!" He screamed at me.

I slowly got off the floor with the pain coming with me. I ran to my room with loud sobs coming out of my mouth. This wasn't right. Since my mum died, he became this horrible man that I know today.

I fell on my bed and just buried my face in my pillow. My stung with so much pain and I could feel my bruise throb with the slaps.

The rest of the night I just laid in bed and argued with myself on calling Liam. I just couldn't. I was pathetic. He has way more important things to do then come and help solve this stupid problem. I know that this problem can never be fixed and I would probably waste his time with me crying all day. I wanted to cry right now but I had no more tears. Literally no more. I was dry. I had no tears in my system so I just sat on my bed with a tear stained face.

* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *

I slowly got up from a bit pain in my cheeks. I could still feel that horrifying pain from last night. I didn't even get much sleep because the nightmares came.

I slid out of the duvet and made my way to the bathroom. I looked horrible. Make up was smeared all over my face and you could defiantly see red marks and a bruise on my cheeks. I slowly ran my thumb on my bruise and winced in pain. It truly did hurt a lot. I didn't want to look at myself so I just started the shower. I was scared of my own self. I looked like a zombie with pain. But zombies don't feel so I guess I am just Krissy, the girl who isn't popular and has feelings for Liam Payne.

Wait what? What did I just say?

I sighed and just pushed that thought away. I got in the warm water and started showering.

I stepped out of the shower and wrapped my petite body in a towel. The little bathroom was all steamed up and I liked it like that so I wouldn't see my face in the mirror. I dried myself off and wrapped one towel on my hair and another back on my body. I stepped out into the cold air and started making my way back to my room.

I was hurting every step I took. The pain traveled all over me and I just couldn't take this. I wanted to run away and never look back but he will always find me. Like last time.

I picked my skinny jeans and a pink tank top so I could put my plaid button up shirt over it. I put them all on and left my plaid shirt all the way unbuttoned. I looked at myself in the mirror and still saw marks on my cheek. I didn't look that bad now but I still looked like I was abused because I was. I slipped on my black toms and started to reconstruct my face and hair.

After about 30 minutes, my hair was all finished and pretty. And my make up was done. I got my phone and bag and left the room.

"Bye." I mumbled to my father before I ran out of the house and started my way to school.

* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *

I arrived to the place I hated going every day. So what if I'm popular. I just don't like it here. I got greeted by my so called friends. Ryan my boyfriend wrapped one arm around my waist and we all started walking inside. Right now I was disgusted. By him and all my friends. They were pathetic and people I don't want to hang out with. They call other people losers when really they are.

"So Krissy. Are you coming to my party tonight?" Ashlyn asked.

"No." I whispered.

"No? Why not? It will be fun."

"I just don't wanna go."

"Oh c'mon Kris. Please."

I didn't want to go at all because I know how party's end with me. Forced sex. Almost rape. Cruel thing to do but that's what happens.

"I said No Ash. Sorry. Next time."

There won't be a next time though because I know if I don't go to party's, then nobody will show up.

She sighed. And we all continued our walk to our lockers. This felt like hell. All these people that I hang out with aren't my crowd. I guess I just need Liam.

I felt a bump on my shoulders and my bag fell down. Normally I would've yelled at this person but I saw who it was. It was Liam. I instantly blushed from the feeling that he was near me.

"Uh I'm sorry. Let me get that for you." Liam said while handing me my bag.

"It's fine and thanks." I said while a true smile formed on my lips.

"Watch where your going Payne." Yelled my boyfriend Ryan.

He started getting closer to him.

"It's fine Ryan. Just leave him alone. We are going to be late for class." I said while trying to pull him back.

"Stop Krissy. What's gotten into you." He said while pushing me back. His force knocked me down so I was on the floor, rubbing my bum.

He continued to push Liam till he was against a random locker.

"Like I said Payne. Watch where your going." He yelled louder. I didn't really know what to do so I just sat there. Well I couldn't move for one was some of Ryan's friends were holding me on the ground and two I couldn't stop Ryan.

He pushed his shoulders back so Liam banged against the locker.

"I.... I'm so...... Sor-"

Ryan instantly punched him in the jaw so Liam fell on the ground. A lump formed in my throat because I felt guilty. Ryan wasn't patient so he continued to yell at him.

"Get your ass up Payne. Fight like a man!"

He kicked him in the stomach and I could hear a moan. I just sat there completely shocked. I kept a poker face on because they didn't know about Krissy. They only knew about bad ass Krissy Frost.

Ryan continued to throw Liam punches and kicks and everything possible while I just continued sitting and staring at him. I knew how much pain Liam felt and I knew it really hurt but I couldn't do anything. Literally.

Ryan backed away and gave him a smirk.

"That should teach you to stop touching my GIRLFRIEND!" That disgusted me even more on how he yelled girlfriend. Liam slowly got up and looked at me. His face was covered with blood that came out of his nose.

"Sorry. I won't do it again." Liam said while he kept his stare on me. That made me even more guilty. Just by him staring at me made me feel horrible about all of this. It's all my fault. He walked away and I wanted to chase after him but I couldn't.

"Let her go." Ryan said. His stupid friends let me go and helped me up.

I needed to make a excuse up. I had to find Liam. I just had to.

"I need to go to the toilet." I mumbled.

"I'll go with you Kris." Said Ashlyn and some other chicks.

"By my self." I snapped and sent her a glare. She looked hurt and I walked off. I didn't care about them. I cared about Liam. Liam was caring, nice and everything possible. He stole my heart.

"Liam?" I said.


"Where are you?"

"Why should I tell you. Oh I know. You want to tell Ryan where I am so he can beat me up more while you just sit and watch." He said with anger clearly in his voice.

"I couldn't stop him. As much I could try. I would just wont be able to stop him. I wanted to so much. Please Liam. Where are you?"


I sighed but continued to look for him.

I found him in a janitors closet, crying.

"Please don't cry Liam." I said while getting closer to him. His eyes were dark with anger.

"Leave me alone Krissy!"

I stood there a bit shocked but I didn't show it. I was hurt. And I knew I hurt him. I didn't help him. I didn't even try to stop Ryan. I just sat there. I didn't even try to get those jocks off of me. I JUST SAT THERE!

"I tried to stop him! And I couldn't do more after he pushed me. His friends were holding me down."

"It's fine Krissy!!! Just leave me alone."

He whispered the last part. I nodded my head and left the closet. I felt hurt but I knew I hurt him. I'm a jerk. A big jerk. The biggest jerk ever.

I walked to class slowly with all my books. I was on the verge of crying but I wouldn't let them slip. It hurt me but I wouldn't. Liam was actually worth losing all my popularity to. He was worth everything now. He wanted to be friends with Krissy, the girl who fell hard for Liam. Not Krissy fucking Frost. The girl who is a popular bitch. I needed to talk to him. As soon as a can.

* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *

School went by slower than usual. I rushed out of the classroom when the bell rung. I ran fast. I kind of just grabbed all my shit out of the locker and searched for Liam. I had to find him and talk to him. I just had to! No matter how much he hated me, we had to talk.

I saw his Justin Beiber hair and actually felt happy but I knew he hated me.


"Yeah?" He said.

"Can we talk."

"No." Punch. That punched me real hard.

"Please. We need to talk. I know that you hate me but I really want to talk to you."

"Sorry. Anyways you might ruin your popularity if you talk to loser payne." He spit back at me. Punch number two. This one hurt even more.

"I don't care if I lose my popularity. I care about you Liam!!"

"No you don't." Punch three.

"And how do you know!"

"Cause I have bruises on my face cause of you." Punch four. This one hurt like hell. I wanted to cry do much at that point.

"Well I received two slaps yesterday cause of you but you don't see me blaming you. I really want to talk Liam."

"I said No Kris. Ryan's probably waiting for you. Why don't you go and give him a good time for beating me up." Lucky number five. Five punches right in the guts. I couldn't hold it in. The tears spilled. They ran down my face and I even sobbed a little.

"Fine. Whatever. Don't believe me. But do believe this. I thought I liked you. Not some like I have on Ryan. But truly like. You stole my heart Liam but I guess I was wrong."

I whispered. I ran away with the tears streaming down my face. It really did hurt a lot. Those cold words he spat at me repeated my mind. It hurt so much that I fell on the parking lot floor and just cried my eyes out. I wished a car could run over me to end this. End the abuse and end my fake life that I faked the whole time.
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