Doesn't last forever

I just want to show my real self. I don't wanna act anymore. It's been to long. You changed my life. You made me open to who I really was and showed everyone that I wasn't this. I really do love you and I hope we last forever. But does it? Does it last forever?


3. Don't do this to yourself.

I got up slowly and made my way to my car. I had to get out of here. I have been sitting there for 30 minutes and my bum was getting num. I would go home but I can't stand going back there. So I went to the only place I could think. The place I felt like my self. A place that no one can judge me. I went to the waterfall.

I arrived to my destination. My vision was getting blurry because I kept thinking of him. Just yesterday was when he took my heart. When I opened my heart and talked with him. When I felt like someone actually cared for me. Not Krissy Frost. I took a seat where I could see the waterfall and feel it splashing little rain drops on me. It felt good to get away from that hell hole. I needed to think.

I dug my face into my hands and sobbed. This boy had a big effect on me. And I let him down. I got so worked about my rep that I didn't care what would happen to him. I just sat there and watched like a bitch. Because I am one.

I heard someone sit next to me. I didn't want to look at anyone. Whoever it was needs to fuck off. They need to leave me alone.

"It's a beautiful waterfall."

My head shot up and looked at him. I quickly stood up. I had to leave. I couldn't cause any more trouble.

"Uh sorry. I...... I have to go." I sighed/whispered to him.

"Why. I just got here." He said.

"I already made a big mess. I just can't ruin it anymore." I said and tried to run away. I had to get away as fast as I could.

I felt a tight grip in my wrist and stopped me. I turned around to look at him while the tears continued to fall down.

"Don't do this to yourself. It's also my fault but everyone makes mistakes."

Before I could protest, he put his lips on mine. At first I was completely shocked but I answered him back. I pulled him closer to me. I wrapped my arms around his neck and pulled him as close as I could to me. The tears continued to stream down my face. It felt so wrong but it felt so right. I was a mess. I made this boy that I have fallen for get hurt.

We pulled away slowly.

"I forgive you. It wasn't your fault."

I nodded my head but I still felt horrible.

Liam's POV

"Fine. Whatever. Don't believe me. But do believe this. I thought I liked you. Not some like I have on Ryan. But truly like. You stole my heart Liam but I guess I was wrong."

She whispered before she ran away. That's when I felt like I was the worst person ever. She tried to say sorry and that she did care about me but I kept denying it. I fell for her also and I didn't realize it till she said it. That's when I knew I had to chase her. It doesn't matter what happened to my face, I just had to get her. I chased after her but she ran into a crowd. I couldn't get past them because they always pushed me down. I had to get to her bit it was no use.

After the crowd died down, I ran. I was in track so I used my muscly legs and ran for my life.

"Kris?!" I yelled. I ran around the building and searched for her. I wasn't going to leave till I found her. That's when I saw her car. I saw her drive away with tears streaming down her face.


I yelled again. She didn't even look back. She just kept driving but I knew where she was going.

I got into my car and drove to the place where she was going. The waterfall.

I actually started speeding. I instantly started to panic. This is my usual actions but I started shaking. This girl had the biggest effect on me and I had to find her.

I parked near the waterfall and ran towards the back. Right behind the waterfall. I started running as fast as I could. I had to see if she was there. I turned the corner that led me right behind the waterfall. I saw her hair flow in the wind and a breath of relief past in me. I caught my breath and walked towards her. She was crying. I really did hurt her. I felt so horrible. I sat beside her and saw her tense up.

"It's a beautiful waterfall." I said.

She instantly lifted her head up. Her eyes stared into mine and she looked deeply into me while I did the same.

"Uh sorry. I...... I have to go."

She said and stood up. I got up also.

"Why. I just got here."

"I already made a big mess. I just can't ruin it anymore."

She turned away and started to run. I ran after her but I caught her. I had a tight grip onto her wrist and pulled her to me. Without thinking, I put my lips onto hers. She was shocked and I was shocked too. I always wanted to kiss her but my actions just came without warning. I would never do this but it just came out like a surprise.

She put me closer to her and wrapped her arms around my neck. It actually felt good to be close to her.

We both pulled away and I stared deeply into her brown eyes.

"I forgive you. It wasn't your fault."

She nodded but she still had hint of guilt in her eyes. So I kissed her again. I had to make her forget what happened with Ryan and me. So I kissed her roughly. She was at first shocked with my roughness but she immediately answered with a lustful kiss. This turned me on so much. But it was way to quick. I had to control myself.

"Don't you ever do this to yourself Kris. You have to forgive yourself."

She nodded her head and this time she looked better. Her crying came to a halt and she really was beautiful with the sun going down. She was the most beautiful that I fell harder for her. I actually fell in love at this moment.

The rest of that night, we just sat and talked to get to know each other more. This is the reason why I did love her. She opened up to me and wasn't scared to act like herself. She laughed. She really laughed and blushed. All of this was new to her so she was insecure but she always opened back up. I knew her weak spots and I knew she wanted to be herself instead of what people wanted her to be like. She had been living in a act and she was ready to stop and I knew how to help her.
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