Meeting Niall and his band

Jennifer is and 18 year old girl who is moving to Ireland.When she meets Niall Horan and his band .At first she is there friend then she starts to fall for one of them.And he starts to fall for her. this is my first fan fic no hate please.


3. the store and more

CHAPTER 3: The Store and More

*Jennifer's POV*

we got to the store Niall ran and got a cart and ran inside i didnt see what he was so excited about when i got in the store he was almost yelling for me to hurry up i just kept on walking.

Niall: hurry up you need to get some food

Me: i dont know what your excited about

Niall: i love food and the store because thats were you get food

Me: you are so weird

Niall: so what kind of food do you like

Me: i dont know you pick it out and surprise me then ill pay for it

Niall: i can pay for you know

Me: well its my food and its going in my house and its gonna be eaten by me so im paying for it

Niall: no i am

Me: im paying for it and thats final

Niall: fine miss sassy pants

Me: im not sassy i just dont want you paying for food that your not going to be eating

Niall: if were going to be friends youre have to let me eat your food

Me: okay i dont want you paying for food thats going in your house

but before i even finshed my sentence he was putting food in my cart we were there for a while i had to tell him several times that i was not buying the whole entire store when we finnally finished and i payed for it we put it in the car and i couldnt wait till i got home because it was like 1 o'clock and i was starving

Niall: lets go to nandos and get some lunch

Me: ill go with oyu but im not getting any food

Niall: is this because you dont want me paying for food that im not eating

Me: yes and no

Niall: what is the no part

Me: its also i dont want to eat chicken

Niall: why it food and its very good

Me: oh yea i forgot to tell you im a vegitarian

Niall: you cant be so you dont eat chicken

Me: or any other kind of meat

Niall: we wont go out but when we get home i want you to meet the rest of my friends

Me: ok

we drove home in silence my guess was he was still in shock that i was a vegitarion but i wasent really im just sorta kinda anarexic

* Niall's POV *

I couldnt beleieve it when she told me she was a vegitarion it was unbeleiveable i just dont htink its true one how can you not eat meat exspecially nando also she just didnt look like she was telling the truth when the boys meet her they will be shocked that she is a vegitarion

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