Meeting Niall and his band

Jennifer is and 18 year old girl who is moving to Ireland.When she meets Niall Horan and his band .At first she is there friend then she starts to fall for one of them.And he starts to fall for her. this is my first fan fic no hate please.


7. Movie Time

Dear readers sorry I havent updated in a while I never really thought I was that good of a story untill someone commented for me to update so i was like why not update and i have also started anohter story everybody needs somebody to love if you could read that it would be nice and last 231  reads i didnt expect it to get 10 so thank you so much if your still even reading this 

*Niall's POV*

I'll admit it kinda hurt when she said she didnt want to cuddle with I know ive only konw her for a couple weeks but shes really grown on me and I thought that she had a little something for me to but i guess not 

*Jennifer's POV*

In the end of a long fight we decided to watch prom might (if you havent seen it its amazing) this was always a movie that i was afraid of and niall seemed down so i had no one to talk to and distract me and it wasnt even that niall just seemed upset but i dont know why when we got to about the middle of the movie so i got up walked over to niall and asked if i could sit with him he looked up with hope in his eyes and said "really' then i said "Ya' and he said "yes" we ended up cuddling and the last thing i remember was him saying "thank you" and i fell asleep

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