Meeting Niall and his band

Jennifer is and 18 year old girl who is moving to Ireland.When she meets Niall Horan and his band .At first she is there friend then she starts to fall for one of them.And he starts to fall for her. this is my first fan fic no hate please.


5. Meeting his frieds

Chapter 5: Meeting his friends

* Jennifer's POV *

When we got back to my hous ewe unpacked all the food and we ate luch together at my house then we went over to meet hid friends

Me: how many friends am i going to meet

Niall: well you already met Laim so there is three more

Me: are they nice

Niall: yea

He unlocked the door and we walked in and he screamed


we walked into his living room and there was Liam and three other boys watching TV

Naill: guys this is Jennifer

1st guy: Hi im Louis

Me: Hi im Jennifer

Louis: nice to meet you

2ed guy: Hi im zayn

Me: Hi im Jennifer

Zayn: nice to meet you

3rd guy: Hi im Harry

 Me: Hi im Jennifer

Harry: nice to meet you

Me: its nice to meet you all

Louis: were you from

Me: the states

Liam: really whih one

Me: Ohio the clevland area

Zayn: why did you move to Ireland

Me: im 90% irish my great grandparents move to the states from ireland and ive always wanted to live here

Harry: Niall i can tell you like this one shes 90% irish only 10% away from being the same as you

Niall: yep

Louis: how did you guys meet

Me: well i just moved next door and when i was signing paper he walked in and there was about 20 screaming girls behing him he told me you guys were in a band but ive never heard of you

Louis: thats a nice way to meet when there is screaming girls behing you i swear some of the girls are insane its like they stalk us

Me: well acording to Niall you guys are international popstars of course ther eare screaming girls

Zayn: well just because we are famous doesnt mean there has to be screaming girls

Me: im just saying you guys arent the ugliest people in the world

Louis: are you saying were cute

Me: no im saying your not ugly

All: thanks (but not at the ame time)

Me: well i have to go unpack a little more

Louis: do you need are help

Me: you guys are internayional popstars dont you have something better to do

Louis: no

Me: well i dont need help but thanks for asking

All: bye (but not at the same time)

Me: bye

and i walke dout i gotta say theyre preety cute and they dont seem so mean there preety nice i like them


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