Meeting Niall and his band

Jennifer is and 18 year old girl who is moving to Ireland.When she meets Niall Horan and his band .At first she is there friend then she starts to fall for one of them.And he starts to fall for her. this is my first fan fic no hate please.


6. Breaking In

Breaking In

* Jennifer's POV *

-Two weeks Later

I have gotten close to the five boys they are some interesting people

I reading a book when I heard a bang I got kinda scared the Louis ran in

Louis: BOO!

Me: Jesus fucking christ you scared me

then the other boys walked in

Me: wait how did you guys get in

Harry: Ya about that you might need a new door

Me: Really you broke down my door you couldnt be like normal people and just knock

Zayn: Well if you havent noticed we arent the most normal people in the world

Me: Oh ive noticed

Niall: Well we were wondering if you would like to have a movie night with us

Me: Depends what movie

Liam: We dont know

Louis: But there gonna be scary movies

Me: Well i dont like scary movies

Harry: You can cuddle with Niall

Me: okay but im not cuddling with Niall ill be fine without him ill be over in a little bit

Liam: Okay

When they left i decided i was gonna get them back for breaking down my door

so after a couple minutes i walked over there with a bobby pin and picked the lock

I walked in as quiet as I could and screamed


they all jumped

Niall: How did you break down the door so quietly

Me: I didnt break down the door

Liam: Then how did you get in

Me: I picked the lock

Harry: So you know how to pick a lock

Me: and how to hot wire a car i wasnt the most well behaved child

Zayn: What did you do

Me: Well one time a started a bombfire with gasoline and set the trees on fire and another time i put dish soap in the dishwasher

Louis: Wow

Niall: Were your pj's

Me: Weres Ed Sheran's Grammy

Niall: I dont know

Me: Then i dont know were my pj's are

Harry: Thats a good one

Me: Thanks


Authors Note: sorry i havent update din a while ive been really busy with school and volleyball im do sad ed didnt win a grammy well at least he is 22 now 

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