Meeting In Heaven.

When she has an appendix problem, and passes away. She goes to heaven, and meet's her idol Niall... They go to earth to watch out for the other boys, and it's amazing how they fall in love.


2. The Special Somebody.

Rebel's Point of View:

My grandmother showed me how to fly, it was so fun. Then she told me it was time to meet 'The Special Somebody'. So I followed her, and there he was.. My old idol, he passed away when I was 14. I was really discouraged when he passed away, I cried that whole summer. The rest of the boys of one direction broke up without him.

''You must be Rebel, Nancy has told me a lot about you. You we're a big fan, want me to sing to you?'' He tells me with a cheeky smile.

''Yes please.'' I say, with a big smile. He then sang my other favorite song to me. Jessie J- Price Tag. I hugged him, we talked for hours. Well that's how long I think... Their isn't really time in Heaven, he told me how he still watches over the boys & asked me if I wanted to join next time. I obviously said yeah, if we can see my parents to. He agreed, we then started to talk and fly around. He hold's my hand, like it's nothing big. But for me, I was screaming inside of my head.

We then got interrupted by this beautiful little girl.

''Hello, are you Rebel?'' She mumbles. She looked a little like my mother, she was so beautiful.

''Yes that's me sweetie, what's up?'' I say.

''I'm your little sister. Mommy had a miscarriage with me, when you were 11'' She says with pride. I hug her tightly, and didn't say a word. I wonder why she looked like my mother so much. She floats, and starts to fly just to get out of my tight grip.

Niall laughs at her, and I put a smirk on my face and start to fly.


Niall's Point of View:

Rebel was beautiful. She really was, and she had such an amazing sense of humor. She didn't know we could read people's mind's up in heaven, maybe because she's new here. But I could hear her scream, as I kept holding her hand. I wish I could make her my wife, Jesus wouldn't mind at all, but I guess we would have to get to know each other more. I'm happy, she's here. I'm happy Nancy introduced me to her grand-daughter she always talked about.

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