Meeting In Heaven.

When she has an appendix problem, and passes away. She goes to heaven, and meet's her idol Niall... They go to earth to watch out for the other boys, and it's amazing how they fall in love.


3. How did he Die? & Seeing the Boys.

Rebel's Point of View:


Today, we were aloud to go check on the another boys and make sure they were doing no wrong. But me and Niall haven't left each other's side these past weeks or so.. His such an amazing angle.. literally.

I found out about his death, it was horrible. He shot himself because of all the hate he got when he dated Demi Lovato.. I felt like I could read his mind, and all I heard was guilt.. But there was no point to have guilt at all. We talked about so much, about ourselves, and so many other things. He introduced me to Whitney Houston, oh isn't she sweet!. We leave in 20 minutes to earth, I'm so scared. I asked God, if I can let my mother know I am there. Niall, asked the same to the boys. God, answered yes. Here we go, 1 2 3.

We started to fly down & we teleported to Harry's house. He was drinking, but he wasn't that to drunk. I grabbed my hand out to stop him and said.

''No Harry Stop! Me & Niall care. STOP!'' I yell.

''WHO ARE YOU. WHERE'S NIALL!!'' Harry mumbles.  Niall had a tear on his cheek, and out of the blue.. Harry seen me and him, I think it was Heaven who made that happen.

Harry started to freak out, maybe because of our wings. Shhh, we both whispered.

Later we didn't know, all the boys were there. When they walked in and saw Harry freaking out, he kept yelling. ''NIALL, BEAUTIFUL!''. He would point to Niall, and then me. Aw, he was sweet!.

''Your crazy mate, Niall's gone. We miss him, but we won't see him again.'' Zayn says.  Niall got mad, at the point. So he whispered, ''Can you show us to all of them God''. And so he did, and they weren't freaking out anymore, they just started to talk to us like we were friends.

''We're going to start to check up on you guy's twice a week, you guys may be at bars. But please, oh please.. Don't drink to much, or don't do drugs. We care for you, and will try our best to stop.. But sometimes it won't work.'' Niall says.

They all agreed, and hugged nothing. But they felt it, the cold shiver. Then we went off to my parent's house, my mom was crying.. And my dad was packing a suitcase, where was he going?.

''You know this can't work, but I love you. We need her back.'' My father whispers. NO. NO NO. SHOW ME GOD, I NEED TO SAVE THIS. THIS ISN'T RIGHT NO.

I looked up and I seen my parent's shocked, looking at me and Niall. I had to speak, so I said.


''Yes, yes ok. '' My dad say's.  My mom was still shocked, so she was nodding her head.

''Who may this blonde boy be?'' My dad says. I blush a bit and say '' My future something''.

'' I gotta go, I love you Mom & Dad.'' I say.

When we got back up in heaven, we got applaud . It felt good. :)

Niall's Point of View:

All I had inside my head, was ''My Future something''.

Oh my, I feel.. Well, I feel GREAT.

This is the best day in heaven for me, and I've been in here for years.

And then we get applaud when we got home, yes.

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