Meeting In Heaven.

When she has an appendix problem, and passes away. She goes to heaven, and meet's her idol Niall... They go to earth to watch out for the other boys, and it's amazing how they fall in love.


1. The Death & Heaven.

Rebel's Point of View:

There I was 20 years old, sitting in Geometry class. My stomach was killing me, and I mean really killing me. I was in so much pain, it was making me miserable. It was like my stomach was going to explode, I then fell of the chair and it was getting blurry. I heard my professor say ''Her appendix is exploding, call an ambulance''. I was on the floor, crying and shaking.. I fell asleep, but 15-20 minutes, I woken.. But when I woke up, I wasn't alive, I was looking at my parent's crying side by side next to me.. I was dead, and I didn't know where to go. I then heard a voice tell me to go to the cave. I rejected, and said I'd go soon.. I couldn't leave now, I then played with my mom's hair, and patted by dads back. I told the voice I was ready, show me the cave. Their was a cave, and I went through it. My favorite 2 animals, monkey's & deer's were running out the cave. I started to run, and follow them when I got out.. It was magnificent, it was beautiful. There was a waterfall and roses, they smelled amazing. I knew I wouldn't spend my whole dead life here, no not at all. After 10 minutes or so, being there Jesus & 3 beautiful young female angels flew down. Jesus held out his arms I ran to them and hugged him, the other 3 angles sang my favorite song to calm me down. Cyndi Lauper - True colors, when I opened my eyes. Their was a beautiful golden gate, they then opened it. It was all yellow, and when I looked at myself I was wearing a beautiful white gown. We were at heaven, and it was beautiful there were so many people. They flied, everyone flied but Jesus & God. Jesus introduced me to God, he was on a thrown. I sat on his lap, he then asked me if I wanted to go back. I said ''No, this is my home now''. He smiled, and told me someone is waiting for you. I went off of his lap, and found myself sitting in front of a beautiful young lady. She hugged me, and hugged me. She then told me that she was my grandmother, she didn't look anything like I remember, I guess that's how heaven work. You were free!!, we sat on a chair and played checkers. She always won me, even when I was 16 she always won. She told me, their was something special I had to meet.. I wonder who.

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