Daughter of a Duchess

When Eliza was born her mother was forced to give her away, for Eliza was the daughter of a Duchess and a member of parliament. Unfortunately Eliza's mother was already married to the duke of Devonshire, the duke would not allow his wife to keep Eliza so she grew up with her father, who became Priminister. This story goes through Eliza's life as she grows up. Dated in 1828


3. The introductions


Eliza closed the curtains for all the carriage windows, she was in no mood to see the cheery atmosphere. Eliza had always dreamt of meeting her mother, but she always imagined her mother would be alive when they met. The ride to The duke's home in London was long, Eliza had been in the country side when she left so it took and hour or so before she arrived. When the coach stopped she was helped out by a young man whom had the same features as the girl in the picture, her mother.

"Hello, I assume you are Eliza. My name is William, I'm your brother." The young man said with a charming smile. He seemed to be a year or two older than Eliza, but he was still quite young. The young man had the same eyes as her, a deep green that must have come from their mother. 

"Yes I am Eliza, it is a pleasure to meet you William." She said with a small curtsy, William picked up Eliza's hand and kissed her palm. Eliza was shocked but did not show it. 

"The pleasure is all mine, little sister." William said with a cheeky smile. Eliza found that she quite liked her older half brother. He was charming yet mischievous, it was not a combination one found on a regular basis. Eliza was about to reply when she heard a more feminine voice from behind her brother.

"William, you know you are not allowed to flirt with our sister." Someone said, William moved aside so that Eliza could see three young women coming towards them. One's belly was rounded with pregnancy, the other two were slim and dressed in the most beautiful gowns Eliza had ever seen. They were beautiful, but only two resembled her mother. These must have been her older sisters.

"I was being friendly, not flirty. Sisters, I would like you to meet our other little sister, Eliza. Eliza these are your sisters, Charlotte, Harryo and G." William introduced them and Eliza gave a small curtsy again. 

"Hello Eliza, welcome to our home." They all said as one and she smiled. Eliza instantly liked these girls as well, they already felt like family. Eliza followed the four into the house, it was unquestionably large, almost like a palace. Eliza suddenly felt smaller than her brother and sisters who seemed to dominate the room, they looked completely at home. Eliza had to remind herself that this was their home, they were not outsiders like she was. At that moment two large dogs came running towards her, Eliza instinctively knelt down and opened her arms. Her own father had five dogs, three of them were puppies but she usually greeted them this way. Eliza laughed as they licked at her face and arms. As Eliza got up a deep voice vibrated through the large hall, it was cloaked in astonishment.

"They have never acted like that to strangers before." Eliza looked up to see another young boy standing on the stair-well, she stood up and stood strait.

"Perhaps you just weren't bringing in the right strangers." Eliza said, she didn't know what it was but she felt hostile towards this young man. His stare was accusing, it was like he was blaming her for some thing and she didn't know what. 

"Well, this is kind of awkward. We thought you had neglected to come welcome Eliza, Nicholas. Where were you?" William asked, he was glaring at Nicholas.

"I was with my brothers, I thought them more important than some silly little girl who has never been part of our lives." Nicholas sneered, thoughts of un unladylike manner rushed into Eliza's head and she worked out exactly how she would like to show him just how unladylike she could be. William said nothing but continued to stare at the young man. 

"I may not have been anything to do with your lives before, but believe me when I say I do now. I do not intend to go home after this and pretend I do not have siblings. I care not for your opinion of that." Eliza asserted. She knew she would not forget her family, they were the closest thing she had to her mother. The boy, Nicholas, smirked and began to turn and walk away.

"Well come on, let's go see what their father thinks of you." Nicholas called when no-one followed. They all walked after him, as they did all Eliza could think about was how badly that introduction had went. 

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