Daughter of a Duchess

When Eliza was born her mother was forced to give her away, for Eliza was the daughter of a Duchess and a member of parliament. Unfortunately Eliza's mother was already married to the duke of Devonshire, the duke would not allow his wife to keep Eliza so she grew up with her father, who became Priminister. This story goes through Eliza's life as she grows up. Dated in 1828


4. Confrontation

When Nicholas led Eliza and her family through a large wooden door she stopped in her tracks, it was silly she new, but she was scared to walk in there and confront the man whom had taken her mother from her. A gentle hand settled on Eliza's shoulder and she jumped, as she looked over her shoulder she saw it was her brother.

"Come Eliza, it will be ok."  William assured her and gave her a soft nudge. Eliza took a deep breath and continued forward. Once through the doors she found herself in a large room where in the centre a grand piano was being played by an elderly looking woman and in the far corner an also elderly looking man was writing. Nicholas walked over to the woman and placed a kiss on her temple.

"Hello mother." He greeted her. I just stood there awkwardly, then the elderly looking woman looked over at me and smiled.

"Eliza! I can hardly believe it's actually you, you are as beautiful as I remember." She said excitedly jumping up and smiling brightly. Who was this woman?

"I wish I could say the same madam, however it would seem I have no recollection of you." I said, eyeing her surly. The man in the corner suddenly spoke.

"She was your mother's best friend. Welcome to my estate Eliza." He said as he looked up at me, a sceptic look on her face. "Dear me, you certainly look a lot like your mother." He observed. I narrowed my eyes at the man whom must have been the husband of my mother. Already I hated him, the man who took her from me, the one who abused her and left her miserable.

"I have been told so before, though I can't precisely say that for myself can I? Something I believe I have you to thank for." I snapped at him rather rudely. Forget etiquette and manners, this man was the reason my mother had died without even knowing me, the one who ensured that I was forever without a mother. My father was good enough of course but it wasn't the same. I saw William's lips quirk in a half smile, almost a smirk. My half sisters coughed to cover their laughter and my mother's ex husband and supposed best friend looked ashamed. The look that caught me most was Nicholas'; he looked positively furious with my outbreak. Tough. I was not some week child that would bend under a disappointed glare, I was my father's daughter and I would not back down.

"It was not my fault-" The elder William (my late mother's widower) started but I was quick to interrupt.

"Do not dare to tell me you were not in fault, she did not give away her child of her own choice, she did not abandon me and she did not prevent herself from ever visiting me. That was all you, because you couldn't face the fact that your wife was in love with my father. Of course you could jump on top of her best friend but she was not even allowed to keep her daughter! You call yourself a man of justice, perhaps if we put it to a public vote the outcome would not be such. Well I hope you and that little trollop burn in hell together." I almost yelled, pointing at the other woman. Everyone looked shocked at my outburst, even my brother. Nicholas looked simply outraged.

"How dare you?! Learn your place girl." He sneered. 

"I know my place, I will not be some puppet on a string, perhaps my mother allowed you to use her that way but I certainly will not. You learn your place." It came out almost like a growl, gone were my lady-like tendencies. Damn them! I would not be a toy, I would not be used and treated as something on the bottom of their shoe. "I want it made clear right now sir, that you will not turn your head at me like I'm nothing. I have no children for you to blackmail me with, I am here because I have the right to see her before she is gone forever. Don't forget that we are in no way related by blood, and I couldn't care less about you and your expectations." I said in a low, almost threatening like voice. My brother and sisters looked at me in awe, Nicholas in anger and my mother's widower and best friend in shame. I didn't want to stay there in that room, too many people, to many faces. I rushed from the room, unsure of where I was going. Just aware of the fact that everything was alien to me, and there was no way to change it.

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