Daughter of a Duchess

When Eliza was born her mother was forced to give her away, for Eliza was the daughter of a Duchess and a member of parliament. Unfortunately Eliza's mother was already married to the duke of Devonshire, the duke would not allow his wife to keep Eliza so she grew up with her father, who became Priminister. This story goes through Eliza's life as she grows up. Dated in 1828


1. Say goodbye

"NO! Please, please don't take her from me. No, don't take my child." Georgaina screamed, the cry of her daughter filled the rooms. Elizabeth held back her best friend as she tried to reach for the crying babe. Tears rand down her cheeks like a water fall, Georgaina continued to call out and reach for her daughter. 

"Hush Georgaina, hush. You know the Duke will not allow her to stay." Elizabeth restrained Georgaina. The Duke was unmerciful, he stood glaring down his wife, he forced her to listen to the cries of the baby she would never be allowed to hold. In the Duke's view, his wife had disgraced the line and he could only hope not too many had learned of her infidelity.

"This is the punishment you will face, for bring shame to our family." The Duke spat. Georgaina cried harder.

"You family, you bastard. I only brought shame to your family." Georgaina spat right back. The duke raised his hand as if to strike his wife but Elizabeth stopped him, she grabbed his wrist and forced his hand back. 

"Damn you William, stop this. You have taken her child from her, now take pity and give Eliza to her father." Elizabeth demanded. The duke looked from his mistress to his wife, finally he nodded and left the room. Back in the drawing room Charles grey stood looking distressed. His eyes snapped to the Duke when the baby's cries echoed inside the room, Charles' eyes narrowed at the Duke before landing on his squealing child. Charles didn't waist time, he snatched the baby girl from the Duke's arms and into his own. 

"There, you have the girl. Now take your bastard child and never set foot near this family again." The duke demanded, Charles didn't even respond. He simply looked towards the room where he could still hear his beloved screaming in anguish, with thoughts of love for Georgaina he took the screaming babe and began to walk out until he heard a woman's voice. Then he turned back around.

"Wait, Mr Grey wait. Georgaina wanted me to tell you something. The baby's name, it is Eliza." The young woman said and then took off back towards the room where Charles' beloved lay in pain. Before he did anything stupid, Charles walked out to his carriage and made his daughter a promise, one day, she would know of her mother. One day. Until then, it was time to say goodbye.

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