Truly, Madly, Deeply

Alyssa and her twin-brother were the closest as they could be until the day her parents got divorced... Years passed and the twins finally get to see each other and their lifes are about to change with only one chance, one audition, one song... one direction, the right direction.

ps: I've wrote this in 2010, and it's still not finished yet, but if I get good feedback I'll write some more chapters...



I got up to see if it was really him. And then after realizing it was Harry I blushed really hard until I look like a tomato.

“Alyssa, this is Harry. He’s auditioning too” Liam said
“Hey, how are you?” I said looking at my feet embarrassed.
“Alyssa, ermm aren’t you from Holmes Chapel?” Harry asked as I blushed myself out, flying to cloud nine.
“Yes, yes I am” I replied.
“I knew it, you’re Alyssa from my biology class.“ he said and I nod in agreement. Okay now I would love to stop myself from blushing, and if I could hide myself I surely would. I never thought he knew about my existence 
“Hmmm seems you both knew each other before I introduce you?!” Liam said
“Actually I have never talked to Alyssa before, but I’ve seen her on school lots of times” Harry said, smiling at me.
“Yeah I guess I’ve seen you around some times” I said, and yes I was lying I mean he was like the only one I searched for on school.
“That’s cool, then we’re all from Cheshire”
“Wait even though I’ve seen Alyssa on school, I haven’t seen you” Harry realized.
“That’s cause I’m not living in Holmes Chapel anymore, I just got there yesterday to be with Aly” Liam said, I nod turning of my ipod. 
“So are you two, like dating or something?” Harry asked, has Liam burst into laugh.
“No” I said almost screaming afraid that he would thought I was dating my own brother.
“No, she’s my sister but our parents are divorced” Liam said.
“Aww, sorry for that.” Harry said in guiltiness
“No problem dude.” Liam smiled.
“Erm, so Harry what are you going to sing?” I asked a bit nervously.
“I had a hard time choosing between “Torn” from Natalie and “Isn’t she lovely” from Stevie Wonder.“ He said.
“I love both of them” I exclaimed smiling.
“So do I…. Wait, maybe you could help me deciding which one I should sing” Harry said
“How?” I asked.
“I sing and you tell me which one sounds better” Harry said. Wait so I was going to hear Harry singing for me, I mean I would help him choosing one song. Is this a dream, am I sleeping?
“Aly” Liam shouted, walking to me.
“What?” I asked.
“Mums calling me I’m just going there to answer, okay?” He said, walking far.
“Okay, tell me if she wants to talk to me” I said.
Liam left and I stayed there all alone with Harry, cloud nine here I come once again.
“So, I never thought you had a brother” he said. And oh I never thought you noticed me mr. Styles, even though you did and I’m still a bit blushy
“And I never thought you’d audition to X Factor” I said, he laughed
“Oh well I always wanted but never had the courage. So this year I decided to come and try“ Harry explained me.
“Great, I always told Liam to audition but he never wanted” I said, looking on Harry’s deep green eyes.
“He seems like a great guy” Harry said.
“Yes, he actually is.” I stated, How can I not love my brother, I mean he just introduced me to my forever-crush.
“Oh I totally forgot, so will you help me deciding on which song I should sing?”
“Sure!” I stated as Harry started to sing Torn, my heart melt with every word that came out of his mouth. When he mouthed “there’s nothing left we used to lie my conversation has run dry. That’s what’s going on. Nothing’s fine I’m torn” I couldn’t help myself but bursting into tears reminding of my parents split and being away from my brother Liam.
“This is how I …. Alyssa are you okay?” Harry asked as he stopped singing.
“Yes, don’t worry” I affirmed, wiping the tears away.
“I might not know you that well, but I have a sister and I know when a girl cries it isn’t for nothing” He said
“Oh well, is just that that song reminds me of my parents split” I said as I sat down on the floor and Harry followed sitting in front of me holding one of my hands and wiping one single tear away of my cheek.
“I know it hurts, but please don’t cry. You’re with your brother now.” He said desperately trying to calm me
“But it’s just…” I said sobbing 
“Hurts me to see you cry” Harry said pulling me into a hug, as I laid my head on his shoulder feeling his breath. I guess the world stopped in that moment for me, everything seemed like a dream, I could stay there forever.



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