Truly, Madly, Deeply

Alyssa and her twin-brother were the closest as they could be until the day her parents got divorced... Years passed and the twins finally get to see each other and their lifes are about to change with only one chance, one audition, one song... one direction, the right direction.

ps: I've wrote this in 2010, and it's still not finished yet, but if I get good feedback I'll write some more chapters...




As soon as we got near the audition place in Manchester, Liam woke me up gently telling we were almost there, I opened my eyes and smiled when I looked at Liam’s nervously face. 
I was really tired and it was only 5:30 am, but I was doing that for my brother and nothing could make me fall asleep again or at least that’s what I thought…
“Aly you’re falling asleep again.” Liam said while pull a strand of hair from my face. 
“I’m awake I was just resting my eyes” I stated, as Liam grinned at my sleepy face. 
“You’re really tired, aren’t you?” Liam said a bit worried.
“I’m okay, don’t worry about me, to…” before I could end my sentence Liam interrupted me.
“You should’ve stayed at home, I’m sorry for waking you up this early, Aly” he said in a guilty voice.
“Stop there brother, I wouldn’t let you come here alone” I stated 
The taxi stopped and the driver said how much it cost, Liam paid and we exited the taxi. Now walking down the street to the audition place, yes we were finally there.
“Liam no one is here yet, we might just go to starbucks now” I said, looking to the other side of the street right at Starbucks.
“Yeah, but we should grab something and come back” Liam said putting his arm around me in  an attempt  to keep me warm since I was shivering.

And so we walked to Starbucks, there I could feel the smell of freshly baked muffins which made me even more hungry.
“Good morning, what will you want?” asked the employee.
“Good morning for me it’s a frappuccino and a butter croissant.”Liam said 
“Huuum and for me it’s a Hot chocolate and a butter croissant aswell” I said taking  some money from my jack wills wallet.
“I guess it’s all” Liam told the employee. I paid and we exited Starbucks.
Liam looked really nervous on our way back to the audition place he didn’t said a word until we got there, and so we sat on the floor eating our breakfast.

“What’s wrong?” I asked as took a bite of my croissant.
“Nothing’s wrong, I just pressured and excited at the same time. I mean I want to do this and you know I love to sing, but I’m too nervous” he said looking down to the floor as I picked up my hot chocolate taking a sip of it.
“I understand you, but trust me I know you’ll do it great” I told him.
“I’m not that sure, what if I forget the lyrics?”
“ You won’t, come on Liam you have such a great voice. Trust me when I say the judges will be blown away with your voice” I stated
“ I don’t know” Liam said taking a sip on his frappuccino .
“What if you sang to me first? Like in a rehearsal.” I said
“I guess that’s okay“ Liam said.
So we finished our delicious breakfast and Liam started singing Cry me a river from the amazing Michael Bublé. He sounded a bit nervous, but his voice gave me chills, I haven’t heard Liam singing in like forever and so a lot of thoughts came to my mind whilst his voice echoed in my ears.
Slightly he stopped singing and looked at me as if he had did something bad.
“Are you okay Aly?” he asked.
“Yes I am” I answered and smiled.
“Then what do you think?” he asked biting his lips nervously.
“Hum… I think you…fail” I said holding on my laughs, yes I was obviously joking.
“ I knew it, we should go back home.” He said.
“Calm down I’m kidding, obviously you are great” I said.
“Are you sure?” he asked.
“Yes I am” I said shivering as Liam pulled me closer giving me a hug. 
It was still 7 in the morning, a whole 3 hours until the auditions begin . Which means we had to stay 3 more hours there and even if it was really cold we wouldn’t give up.
Minutes later, while we were still sat there, someone just tapped on Liam shoulders , he got up to see who it was while I turned on my ipod.
“Hey, is this the queue for the X factor auditions” someone just said from behind me, I could recognize that beautiful guy-voice and slightly I looked back and I couldn’t believe my eyes it was my prince charming, Harry Styles.

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