Truly, Madly, Deeply

Alyssa and her twin-brother were the closest as they could be until the day her parents got divorced... Years passed and the twins finally get to see each other and their lifes are about to change with only one chance, one audition, one song... one direction, the right direction.

ps: I've wrote this in 2010, and it's still not finished yet, but if I get good feedback I'll write some more chapters...




Next day while I was sleepin, Liam sneaked into my room sat on my bed beside me, and then yelled into my ears: 
‘’WAKE UP FOOL” I was so going to kill him, I was having the perfect dream with my prince charming, Harry, and he was about to kiss me. I was seriously mad, so I sat next to him, carefully picked my pillow and started a fight. 
“Oh Harry kiss me muah muah” Liam said laughing at me. Obviously he might have heard me talk on my sleep.
“Stop it now, you childish brother” I stated. Seriously, sometimes my brother can be the most childish guy ever, but I can’t say he’s a bad brother, actually he’s the best brother anyone could have. 
“I hate you Liam” I said.
“I love you you too Alyssa” he replied me whilst pulled me closer to gave me a bear hug.
“I know I said this a thousand times already, but I missed you a lot.” I said while he was hugging me.
“Me too Aly.” He agreed.
  This might sound strange but being away from your brother is almost like being away from your boyfriend. I mean, at least I guess cause I never had a boyfriend before.
“ So at what time are the auditions?” I asked in excitement.
“I guess it starts at 10 am, but I want to go a bit earlier” he said, as I yawned and took a look at the look to see how many  hours we still had.
“WHAT?” I said as I realized it was only 4 in the morning.
“ARE YOU CRAZY?” I said, a bit shocked.
“Why do you say that?” he said raising his eyebrow.
“Liam it’s still 4 am, and you woke me from the best dream I ever had”
“Well sorry, but you know how these auditions things are, lots of people… waiting on the queue for hours. Maybe if we go earlier I don’t have to wait that much time” He said, trying to apologize himself for waking me up.
“So that means I have to go take a shower and dress up at 4 am?  I might even dress my underwear backwards.” I said, trying to keep my eyes open. 
“Yes that’s what I meant, and if you want I can go ask mom to help you with dress up thing ahahah” He said laughing at me cause of the underwear thing.
“AH AH Look at me I’m so funny joking at my sister” I said in a high pitch, throwing a pillow at him. 

So we both took a shower and dressed up. Liam dressed his V-neck shirt with a Fair Isle Cardigan coat and a pair of bench jeans which matched perfectly with his Timberlands. And so he got ready to go.

And sooner than I expected he was knocking on my bedrooms door while I was still in front of the mirror doing my makeup, wearing a pair of skinny jeans, with my miso crochet back top and with my favourites ballet pumps matching my top.
“Aly are you ready?” Liam asked.
“Almost. Just doing my makeup. But you can come in if you want.” I answered without looking at door so I wouldn’t mess my makeup.
“Well, I was thinking that we could go eat breakfast at starbucks. What do you think?”
“Sounds good, is there any starbucks near the audition place?” I asked, while put on a little bit of my Nina Ricci’s perfume.  
“Yes it is.” Liam answered.
“Okay, let’s go then.” I picked my coat and walked downstairs with Liam, making sure mom was still a sleep which she was, we decided to leave her a note on fridge saying “Mom we are gone to the shopping, don’t worry about anything, see you later. Love you. Liam and Alyssa” Liam didn’t want to tell mom he was going to the audition so we had to lie. 
And after leaving the note on the fridge I picked up some cookies and some Capri-sun cause it would be a long drive since I live in Cheshire and the audition was in Manchester. So we walked to the door, carefully opening it so mom wouldn’t hear us. Then we took a taxi cab who drove us to Manchester. I was so tired  for waking up too early that I actually fell asleep on Liam’s shoulder while he ate a cookie.

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