Truly, Madly, Deeply

Alyssa and her twin-brother were the closest as they could be until the day her parents got divorced... Years passed and the twins finally get to see each other and their lifes are about to change with only one chance, one audition, one song... one direction, the right direction.

ps: I've wrote this in 2010, and it's still not finished yet, but if I get good feedback I'll write some more chapters...



That was what I actually thought that day. Liam and I were 13 years old twins, being separated from each other thanks to the divorce. And I know it was just 3 years ago, but in 3 years I’ve only seen my brother 3 or 4 times, and yeah we might ring each other every day but it’s not the same. I miss Liam so badly and I feel empty without him. But this holidays things are going to be different… 
  Liam called me the other day telling me that he was coming over today, cause he wants me to go with him somewhere. That’s why I’m still waiting in front of the computer, and still scrolling through Harry’s twitter, so I won’t get bored. But suddenly the doorbell rings. 
“Alyssa, can you open the door?” Mom asks.
“Obviously, as if I’m nearer the door than you” I said to myself and so I walked downstairs to open the door.
“Who’s in?” I ask weirdly before opening the door.
“Alyssa, open the door now I miss you sister” Someone said, and that someone is obviously Liam. As I opened the door I see my brothers beautiful smile, that I’ve been missing so much through this months.
“Liam I’ve been missing you so much.” I said whilst I give him a bear hug.
“I know Aly, and I have so much to tell you, but first I guess someone wants to talk to me” Liam said softly, and you could actually see why since my mom was staring at us like a creeper.
“Son, how are you?” mom asked Liam, as if she actually cared.
“I’m fine, thanks mom. What about you?” he answered back. You could surely see how he was dying to go to my bedroom, to tell me everything.
“I’m okay, son. I bet you wanna talk to your sister, so both of you go upstairs and I’ll make you some sandwiches, okay?” Mom said. That was really strange, she might have fever or something. Normally she doesn’t ask me things like that but anyways. 

Liam and I walked upstairs, and as soon as we got into my bedroom, he sat in my chair right in front of my laptop, which had Harry’s twitter opened. 
“Aly,  is this the guy that we have talked about?” Liam asked me in a silly voice.  He always does that.
“Yes, it is bro. But you didn’t come over to talk about this” I stated. I wasn’t in the mood to talk about guys, I only wanted to know what brought Liam here.
“Actually no. I’m going to tell you something, but you can’t tell this to anybody.” He said, as I kept my eyes focused on him wondering what was gonna come out from that mouth.
“Aly, remember when you told me that I should audition to something like idols” I nodded my head in agreement as he kept talking.
“So the reason that brought me here, was that tomorrow I’m auditioning to X Factor and I want you to come with me.” I stood there gaping, as if it was something bad. But I was actually excited for him.
“Oh my gosh, are you serious?” I asked in a total excitement.
“Of course I am, so what do you say? Will you come with me?” he asked, doing puppy face as if it was needed. I was obviously going.
“Obviously I’m going, you’re so gonna win that!” I said in excitement. “But hold on, if the audition is tomorrow what are you doing here today?” I asked as I raised one of my eyebrows.
“That’s the other part, I thought it would be fun to spend some time with you since dad let me come over to spend Christmas with you” Okay now I was extremely happy, I think I even forgot how to breath. I was going to spend this Holidays with the most important person of my life, my brother Liam.

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