Truly, Madly, Deeply

Alyssa and her twin-brother were the closest as they could be until the day her parents got divorced... Years passed and the twins finally get to see each other and their lifes are about to change with only one chance, one audition, one song... one direction, the right direction.

ps: I've wrote this in 2010, and it's still not finished yet, but if I get good feedback I'll write some more chapters...



Do you know when you spend your day all alone at your house, having nowhere to go. And when finally your mother comes from work you just wanna speak to her, but the only thing she tells is ‘’Go to your room’’?
Well that’s kind of what I feel sometimes, in this holidays I’m stuck in this house. While my friends are enjoying the snow with their families, I’m here stuck in front of this computer scrolling through my prince chaming’s twitter, which is the only thing that turns my day a little bit brighter. Harry, or my prince charming as I said before, his like the perfect guy.  He’s the friend that every person would need and the boyfriend that every girl would want, and that includes me. He has beautiful green eyes, brown curly hair and the most perfect smile I’ve ever seen since I’ve been alive. And when he passes me by at school my heart melts, yeah we’re from the same school, actually, he is from my biology class and he never noticed me. I know you might be thinking “how is that possible?” but trust me, it is. 
     For him I might be like a nun, I bet he doesn’t even know that in his biology class there’s a girl named Alyssa. 
   Yes my name is Alyssa, Alyssa Rose Payne, I’m 16 and I have a twin brother named Liam, which lives away from me since our parents got divorced years ago. Our parents were always arguing about everything, even about socks. So you see how awkward it was here. Till one day our parents sat at the dining table and spoke about everything that was going on, how their lives have changed and how the feelings they had for each other disappeared. Me and Liam could barely hear what they were saying, through the door, what in normal days wasn’t necessary since they were always arguing really loud.  
But unexpectedly we couldn’t hear a word anymore, there was a really weird silence. I got scared of what could’ve happened there, so I held Liam as tight as I could. And suddenly mom shouted our names from the other side of the door.
 “Alyssa, Liam, come to the dining! We need to talk” her voice was clearer than ever.  We had to pretend that we were upstairs, so it took us some time till we got to the dining room.
“Mom, may we come in?” I asked, to make sure she wanted to talk to us.
“Yes, sit here with us, what we have to talk might be a bit hard for both of you.” She said in kind of a guilty voice leaving me a bit nervous of what they were going to say.
“First of all you already knew things were not right between your mother and me, right?” Dad asked.
“Right…” Liam and I answered.
“And I want you to know that, whatever happens, you are the most important thing to us” Dad said it meaning every single word. Which made me stay even more nervous than I was. Liam looked at me, noticing how nervous I was he held my hand tight.
“Liam, Alyssa, we are getting divorced.” Mom said as the tears started to fall from my hazel eyes and Liam got up from his sit to hug me. 
“Everything is going to be ok.” He tried to comfort me with his words, but how could he comfort if he was in the middle of this family split too? 
“Also there’s another thing that we have decided.” Dad said and I didn’t know what could be worse than a family split at that moment. Until my dad said….
“Your mother and I agreed that you, Liam, are going to live with me” Dad said.
“And Aly you’re staying here with me.” Mom added. Then it felt like my world was crashing down between those 4 walls, I didn’t know what to think, feel or say anymore. Wasn’t the divorce bad enough? Why did they have to take my twin-brother away from me? Liam has always been there for me through my ups and downs, he still is the most important thing of my life, I won’t ever make a decision without listening to his opinion first. I don’t understand how can you be away from someone like your twin? How am I going to stand up and face the world without him?

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