Your little things

The freak. The fat girl. The girl who cuts her wrists. The girl with acne. The girl that no one wants to be friends with. The girl who loves a 'gay' boyband. The girl that nobody likes. The girl that can't afford fancy clothes. That's me. Alayna Harper, 18 years old. 10 years ago, my parents died in a car accident. I was devastated. Can you imagine? Your whole family dying, when you're 8. I now live with my aunt. Who is terrible. All she does is smoke, drink and watch TV. I have to work at McDonald's, just to keep us alive. I get bullied in school, I mean, why would anyone want to be friends with me? I'm the weird girl.


3. Towels

I was in a car with Louis Tomlinson, on my way to Louis Tomlinson's house, I repeat, Louis Tomlinson. I nervously glanced at him. He was concentrated on the road. I looked at his muscular arms, his cheekbones, that had just a little stubble. I looked at his beautiful lips. He opened his mouth, like he was going to say something, but closed it again.

We stopped infront of a massive building. It was a white wooden house, with lightgreen trim, the house was covered in big windows. The door was lightgreen, matching perfectly with the rest of the house. The garden was beautiful. With red and pink roses everywhere. I stared at Louis. He grinned at me. "You live here?" I said surprised. "Yup." He said, popping the 'p' sound. "It's increadible." I said, almost speechless as I stepped out of the car and looked at the big house infront of me. The smell of the rores fekt nice in my nose. Louis walked past me towards the door and unlocked it. "Coming?" He grinned. I nodded and followed him to the door. But I was even more speechless when I got into the house. It was bright, very open. I saw a big TV on the wall, under it a shelf filled with movies and videogames. Infront of the TV was a couch, that looked very comfy, beside it, on both sides, were matching armchairs. I spotted a kitchen in the end of the room. There was a big glass table in the middle of the room, with six chairs around it, no one in the same colour. Green, red, orange, blue, purlpe, yellow. In the corner of the room was a black wing. Louis was heading up the big staircase but stopped when he noticed that I wasn't following him. He turned around and smiled at me. "Alayna?" I looked at him confused. "How did you know my name?" He pointed at my chest. "Your badge?" I blushed and looked down at my badge. "Oh... right." He ran up the stairs and I followed him. "Uhm... Louis my clothes are at home." He headed down a hallway. "It's okay, you can borrow something." I couldn't say a word, I just followed him. We walked into another big room. It wad lightblue. A gaint bed, with black covers. A black bookshelf with books and CD's. A big black closet. Black cabinets. And a door, a bit away from were we came in. "Okay so you can chance in here, towels are here." He held his hand on a cabinet. "And the bathroom is there." He nodded at the second door. "Just call when you're changed and I'll come up and get your clothes." I nodded. He walked out in the hallway again, closing the door behind him. I took my head in my hands and sank down on the floor. I suddently realised where I was. I looked around in the big bedroom. I just needed to catch my breath for a while. I sat on the floor, taking deep breaths. I needed to stay calm, or else he would just think I was another annoying fangirl. I slowly stood up and started to take of my clothes. I opened the cabinet he said towels were in. I grabbed one and walked through the door he said the bathroom was. I looked around in the white bathroom. It was big, like everything else in the house. This room was decorated in red and white tile that covered the walls with a nice coulor match. It was another door, I guess leading out in the hallway. Two sinks, fully cleaned. A toilet, just a normal toilet. A big jacuzzi. And the biggest shower I had ever seen. I slowly walked towards it but stopped as I heard the door open. I freezed, couldn't move a muscle. I looked at the door that leaded out into the hallway open. I stared as I saw Harry Styles, only in his boxers. His perfect torso staring at me. He suddently noticed me and his face turned red. That's when I realised I was totally naked. "Oh my god I'm so sorry!" he exclaimed. He quickly covered his eyes and turned around towards the door. I blushed like crazy and cover your body up. He closed the door behind him. "Harry?" You shout slightly. "Uhm... yeah?" You hear from the other side of the door. "Could you tell Louis... I'm in the shower?" "Ehh... yeah...." I then realised how naughty that sounded. "I didn't mean it like that! Just... he will explain it to you, just tell him I'm ready." I heard footsteps fade away. I sighed, I had never been so embarresed. 

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