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The freak. The fat girl. The girl who cuts her wrists. The girl with acne. The girl that no one wants to be friends with. The girl who loves a 'gay' boyband. The girl that nobody likes. The girl that can't afford fancy clothes. That's me. Alayna Harper, 18 years old. 10 years ago, my parents died in a car accident. I was devastated. Can you imagine? Your whole family dying, when you're 8. I now live with my aunt. Who is terrible. All she does is smoke, drink and watch TV. I have to work at McDonald's, just to keep us alive. I get bullied in school, I mean, why would anyone want to be friends with me? I'm the weird girl.


18. Snapbacks

Louis grabbed my hand and intertwined his fingers with mine as we stepped out of the door. I smiled at him. I was living the dream. Louis was everything you could need in a boy. And he was mine. He opened the car door for me and I stepped in. He walked around the car and sat down in the drivers seat. "Where are we going?" I asked him. "To the mall." He smiled. "Why?" I asked. He smiled. "Why not?" He grabbed my hand again and kissed the back of my palm. I put my earphones into my ears and put some music on. (I'm antisocial I know). Titanium by David Guetta came on. My favorite song. "You shout it loud, but I can't hear a word you say." It started. Oh god I loved this song. I turned up the voloume to max and looked out of the window. "I'm talking loud, not saying much." I sang along quitely and watched the buldings flash by. "I am titanium." I sang quitely with the music. I suddently felt someones eyes on me. I turned around and saw Louis looking at me with the biggest of smiles. I took my earphones of. "What?" I said. "Finally!" He said. "Finally what?" I said confused. "Finally you sang to me!" He said. "I didn't, not loudly at least." He smiled at me. "No I didn't, No! That was like a life mission not to let you hear me sing!" I leaned back in the seat. "Aww come on Al! You're amazing! Why haven't you made a carrier out of it yet?" He said. Al, I liked it. "Because I can't sing!" I said. "I promise you're increadible! Sing for me again?" He said. "No!" "I'm going to pull over if yuo don't sing to me." He said. "I'm not going to sing again Louis." I said. A sharp turn made us stand still on the edge of the road. "Please Alayna!" He said and fully turned to me. "No." I crossed my arms over my chest. He leaned back in his seat. "Fine, but I won't drive this car until you sing for me." He smiled cheekily at me. I shook my head. He crossed his arms. "Are you serious?" I said. He didn't say anything, just sighed. "You know what? Fine. Fine, I'll sing." "Yay!" He raised his arms up in the air and turned to me again. I took a deep breath. Why was I so nervous? "Wait." I said. He sighed loudly and leaned back again. "What do I get in return?" I said. He thaught about it for a moment. "I'll be your slave for a week." My eyes grew wide. "Really?" I said, now excited. He raised a hand up in the air and put the other one to his heart. "I swear to the life of Kevin that I will do whatever you say for a full week." I opened my mouth. "AFTER you've sung to me." We both smiled. Seemed like a fair deal. I took another deep breath. I wasn't nervous anymore, not at all. This was Louis, it's not like I was on X Factor or something. I began to sing Titanuim again. Putting my every effort into my voice. Through the whole song I looked at Louis. When I started to sing he just kept smiling. Once I reached the chorus he closed his eyes and leaned back in his seat once again. "I am titanium." I finished the song. He clapped his hands and I laughed. "Alayna you're so good! I have to take you to our manager, he'll give you a contract right away." I put my hands up in protest. "Whoa let's not make any life changing decisions here. I sang to you this one time. It's not going to happen again. At least not in the nearest future." He smiled. "I'll make you change your mind sooner or later. So now I'm your slave. What's my command master?" "Drive us to the mall." I said. "Your word is my command." He started the car again and we drove of.

When we arrived to the mall he took my hand again and I led him to a shop with loads of snapbacks in it. "Snapbacks?" He said and eyed the shelves. "Yeah. I've always wanted one, but haven't been able to decide wich to pick. But now that you're here I don't have to have decision anxiety." He smiled and pointed at a red-blue snapback. "That one." I took it down from the shelf and put it on. He looked at my head and face. "Perfect." He grabbed another one from the shelf that looked exactly like mine. He took my snapback of and went to pay. I tried stopping him and told him that I would pay, but he wouldn't let me. When we walked out of the store I glared at him. "It's enough you bought me one snapback but you didn't have to buy two." I said. "This one is yours." He said and put one of the snapbacks on my head. "This one is mine." He put the other snapback on his head. I must admit he looked increadlibly hot. He took my hand again. "There. Now we match." He said and kissed my lips gently.


A/N I'm sorry for not updating in like forever. I've had so much to do. But that'll hopefully change now. Hope you enjoyed chapter 18! :D

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