Your little things

The freak. The fat girl. The girl who cuts her wrists. The girl with acne. The girl that no one wants to be friends with. The girl who loves a 'gay' boyband. The girl that nobody likes. The girl that can't afford fancy clothes. That's me. Alayna Harper, 18 years old. 10 years ago, my parents died in a car accident. I was devastated. Can you imagine? Your whole family dying, when you're 8. I now live with my aunt. Who is terrible. All she does is smoke, drink and watch TV. I have to work at McDonald's, just to keep us alive. I get bullied in school, I mean, why would anyone want to be friends with me? I'm the weird girl.


8. Presents

It's unbelievable I've met 3/5 of my idols in less then a week. It was really a dream come true. Me and Louis are really getting along nicely. We switched numbers today, well, he got my homenumber, I can't really afford a cellphone. Niall left, guess he felt sort of left out. The girls stared at us the whole dinner, I understand why though, it's not everyday you see your idols. I opened the door and stepped inside the house. Still a bit dreamy when I thaught about the day. I dreamed my way up the stairs and into my bed. Suddently the phone rang. I ran, of habit, to the phone. "Hello?" "You sound breathless." " Ha-ha. Louis, I just came home from a full day with you. Did you forget something?" "Na, I just missed you." Butterflies flew in my stomach. "Aw Louis, your cheekiness overwhelmes me sometimes." I smiled as I walked into my room again. "So Alayna listen, it's your birthday tomorrow right?" "Yeah, why?" "Oh, just wondering." I could hear him smiling. "Louis..." "I gotta go, see you tomorrow!" "Wai-" a long tone came through the phone. I sighed and threw the phone on my desk. I jumped in the bed and pulled the sheets over me.

"SURPRISE!" I jumped in my bed, waking up quickly. I looked around and saw Louis with a cake in his hands, it had 19 candles and had the text: "Happy 19th Alayna" on it. I giggled and stood up. "Come on, wish something." "I looked at his smiling face. Our friendship were already pretty deep. I closed my eyes and made a wish, then blew out the candles. "Let's go, we have alot planned for the day!" He dragged me with him, not even letting me change.

"We're here!" Louis squeeled. "Your house?" I said suspiciously, "Yup." He opened the door and I stepped inside. I heard a guitar playing and footsteps coming our way. "Happy birthday to youuu." I heard several voices sing sweetly. Around the corner came Niall, with his guitar in his hands. After him stepped Harry, Zayn and Louis. "Happy birthday to youuu." Louis stepped in and joined them. "Happy birthday dear Alaynaaaaaa." I smiled widely. "Happy birthday to youuuuu." "Happy birthday!" They said and took me in a giant group hug. "Thank you." I never really liked surprises, but this was more than acceptable. "Can I go home and change now?" "Nope, you'll have to go around with your PJ's all day." Louis smiled. I glared at him. He just laughed. "We have presents!" He said and headed out of the room. The boys followed him. I crossed my arms over my chest. I hated presents, people shouldn't be spending money on me. The five boys came back into the room with a gift each with them. Liam reached his out. "I know we haven't really met, but Louis has told us so much about you it feels like I've known you a while." He handed me a little square present. "Liam!" Louis hissed and punched his arm. Liam just grinned at him. I opened the little box, inside was the most beautiful earrings I've ever seen. Small pearls surrounded by little daimonds, not real daimonds, of course. "Liam these are amazing! Thank you so much!" I hugged him. "No problem Alayna." I pulled away and smiled. "My turn!" Zayn said and reached me a big, tapered present. I ripped the paper open. Zayn grinned as I rolled the paper up. It was a megasize poster of Zayn. I laughed. "Thank... haha thank you Zayn." I hugged him. "Now you can adore me 24/7." I giggled. "Me!" Harry reached his present to me, it was a big box, I slowly opened it. Inside was a beautiful white dress with a little beading pattern on the side. "I hope with this we won't come in any more... accidents." I laughed and hugged him. "Thank you Harry, it's beautiful." He smiled cheekily. "Here ya go Alayna!" Niall squeeled. He reached me another box, I opened it and saw a wonderful necklace. It matched Liam's earrings. Niall looked at Liam. "We coordinated." He smiled. "Thank you Niall." I hugged him tightly. "And finally, here's my gift." Louis reached me a red square box. I ripped the paper of and was surprised. "Louis, this is way too much." I looked down at the iPhone 5 in my hands. "Na, I had some money over. And I needed to communicate with you when you're not home aswell." I was still shocked. "Thank you Louis, so much." I hugged him, a little longer than the others. "It's really too much." "I promise, it's fine." We smiled at eachother for a second. Harry was the first to speak; "NOW LET'S PARTY!" 

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