Your little things

The freak. The fat girl. The girl who cuts her wrists. The girl with acne. The girl that no one wants to be friends with. The girl who loves a 'gay' boyband. The girl that nobody likes. The girl that can't afford fancy clothes. That's me. Alayna Harper, 18 years old. 10 years ago, my parents died in a car accident. I was devastated. Can you imagine? Your whole family dying, when you're 8. I now live with my aunt. Who is terrible. All she does is smoke, drink and watch TV. I have to work at McDonald's, just to keep us alive. I get bullied in school, I mean, why would anyone want to be friends with me? I'm the weird girl.


11. Bloody knife

School, uh. My confidence had grew the past couple of days, even though I was still a bit shattered since the 'rape'. I walked over the schoolyard, with my hood down, head high. "Hey freak." Jenny said and blocked my way. "Hello Jenny." I simply smiled and walked past her. I wouldn't let her harass me anymore. Jenny wouldn't bring me down. "Hey small boobs where are you going? Do I look like I'm finished?" I turned around and smiled at her. "Do I look like I care?" I walked into the school, leaving Jenny with an open mouth.

"Louis!" I hissed into my phone. "What?" He said with an innocent voice. "I have class, you can't call me all day!" I looked around me, the corridor was empty. He laughed. "Sorry. I was just wondering if you wanted to come with me and the boys to laser quest later?" "I've never done laser quest before." I said. "It's ok, I'll teach you." I thaught about it, but then realised something. "I have to work tonight." He sighed loudly. "Alayna just quit already!" "I have to make money somehow, it's the only job I can get, I'm sorry!" "Aaalayynaaa. You don't want to work there! And you haven't even sung to me yet." "Hah, in your dreams." "But come oooon, I bet you're really good!" The door behind me opened. I turned around and looked at my teacher wich glared at me with an angry look. "Uhm... Louis we'll have to talk about this later I got to go." "But Alay-" "I'll talk to you later! Bye." I hung up the phone and walked into the classroom, a bit embarresed.

"Louis seriously!" "Alayna I'm so boreeeed, what can I do without youuu?" I giggled. "Go have fun with Harry." "No he's with Raven. I want to be with you!" "Well sorry then, because I'm still in school, I can't just leave!" "But I miss youuuuu."  " I'm sorry Louis, but I got to go, I have class. Bye lonely boy." I hung up and went to my class. Louis was a real pain in the ass today.

I opened the door and threw my bag on the floor. I took of my shoes, then realised something. The TV wasn't on. Where was Lyra? "Lyra?" No anwser. I walked into the living room. On the table stood the jar of painkillers. Hanging down from the couch, I saw a pale hand with a knife in it's palm. "Lyra?" I walked over to the couch and almost fell backwards. I placed my hand to my mouth and stared infront of me. The picture of Lyra's body was printed into my brain. I took the courage to walk over to the couch again. The jar of painkillers on the table was empty. The knife was covered in blood. I finally looked at Lyra again. I gasped of shock. A tear streamed down my cheek as I covered my mouth with my right hand. Aunt Lyras eyes were open, staring into the ceiling, lifeless. Her throat were cut open. A big open, bloody wound. What had I done? You have killed her said a voice in the back of my head. I grabbed my phone from my pocket and dailed Louis's number. He picked up instantly. I spoke with a broken voice as I looked at my aunts lifeless body. "Louis, you need to come over, right now."

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