Why hate when you can love

Why do people hate others. Why dont people love eachother instead of hating each other?
this topic has been around for a while of people hateing themselves and others.

Well guys tryes my best hope you like it /.\


1. Hate vs love

There is hate all around us why??
Hate is not a good word.
Why do people hate other people and themselves.
Why do the people hate celebraties just because their dating their #1 celeberty crush.
Ok so many people hate each other because of something in the past.
Others hate because of them taking away their boyfriend.
I understand but why hate them.
If it was in the past ok foget it all and try being friends again.
She took away your boyfriend, who cares its his fault he lost you.
Why dont people love each other instead?
Why dont people forget everything and be friends with everyone.
People shouldnt be hating because if one perosn hates you then their gonna tell you your flaws and bad things and your gonna hate yourself.
Dont hate yourself your beautiful.
And why say bad words if you can just calm down.
People everywhere please dont hate it hurst me and other people.
Just because they start a rumor or say bad things about you just dont hate its wrong.
Remember love instead of hate.

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