13's my lucky number

Charlie and Frank are bored, too bored.
In their desperate attempt to starve the bordem they play apocolypse, but the time for playing is over and Charlie must decide if he will run . . . or fight.


3. The boy who cried zombie

Frank could only stare in horror and the figure walked toward him, then in the doorway another figure lumbered forward. Frank had seen loads of zombie movies, the dead rising again, eating your brains. He was suprised though when Charlie started to quicken, frank moved backward but Charlie kept coming forward getting faster, and faster and. . . . Frank screamed.

He turned and ran from the church, down to the villiage shop, the woman behind the counter barely looked over the brim of her "heat" magazine. He ran up to her and slammed his hands on the table, she rolled her eyes and looked at him through her blue eyeshadow and false eyelashes.

'Listen kid, we're about to close, I 'aint gonna' sell you anything without a lic-'

'Zombie!' Frank cried, he hadn't really planned what he was going to say, but he had never really thought about it. The young woman heaved a heavy sigh and turned back to her magazine.

'There are a wide selection of comic books over there.' She rattled of in her monotone voice. Before she could say another word Charlie came running in, Frank caught a brief glimpse of a bloody cut, stretching from his eye to his chin, before he vaulted the desk and tackled the screaming girl onto the floor. Frank caught a glimpse of Charlies flailing hands, the screams ising highe and higher, and the blood. Oh sweet Jesus the blood.

Frank ran back out the front some people had come outside to inspect the screams before a number of people came screaming down from the church. Some fell to the ground in seizures,Frank noticed the various cuts on their arms. A couple of worried citizens went over to see if they were ok.

'Stop!' He screamed, the citizens looked up at him, the people had stopped moving and now looked still. 'Move away from them, they're zombies for christs sake.' One of the ladies standing over a young man looked up at him.

'Stop talking noncence boy, these people clearly need help.' The man shot up and grabbed her by the neck, pulling her onto him and ripping her throat out. Everyone ran away screaming, Frank turned to see Charlie in the doorway, blood smeared his mouth and chealsea shirt. For a breif second they looked at eachother, and Frank thought he saw a sadness in Charlies eyes, as if he was being controlled by an unknown force, or the real Charlie was still in there. . . somwhere. In the distance someone shouted his name, he snapped out of the trance and ran toward the voices, two men held open the doors to the town hall. He ran in and the heavy oak doors slammed shut behing him trapping him and half the other town in the town hall.

Everyone turned to look at Frank.

'What?' He asked looking at all the famillier faces, all fear sticken, some with tears in their eyes.

'You seem to be the one with all the answers.' One woman said.

'Yeah, you're the expert, what do we do now?' Frank tried to ignore the scratches coming from outside.

'Um, someone take roll. If you've been bitten or scratched then . . . .' He didn't finish that thought, he didnt have to. Right now rank wanted to curl up into a ball and cry, but one thing occupied his mind right now. He turned to the two men who were currently barricading the door. 'Did either of you see my mum run through?' He asked, the men shook there heads. 'Mum?' he called out, no one responded, a few looked about but he couldnt see her anywhere.

Which meant his mum was out there somewhere.

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