13's my lucky number

Charlie and Frank are bored, too bored.
In their desperate attempt to starve the bordem they play apocolypse, but the time for playing is over and Charlie must decide if he will run . . . or fight.


2. Game over

ok so basically the movie's about a rogue MI5 spy that loses all his money and wins it all back by gambling on the number 13. Basically it's the best movie EVER. We stumbled out of the dark cinema into the afternoon light, Charlie turned to me with his hands shaped like a gun.

'Stick 'em up' he joked, I pushed his hand away, but failed to hide my smile.

'Stop dicking about, I gotta get home.'

'Aw come on Frank, let's have some fun.'

'Pfft yeah right, "fun" in your dictionary ends in T-R-O-U . . .' I had always been bad at spelling, Charlie smirked at me.

'Fine, fine, I understand if you're to scared . . . Franny' I shot Charlie a serious look.

'Don't call me Franny, Charlie.'

'You're right, a better name for a scared little girl would be Fanny.' Blood roared in my ears, I lashed out at him but Charlie backed up quickly.

'Shut up' I demanded, Charlie held up his hands in defence.

'Yeah dude, sure, sure, all you have to do is prove your not a scaredy cat.' I aw that look in his eyes, I should have just walked away then, but I wasn't going to let somthing like that slide. He knew it, I knew it.

He turned away and started walking down the street, not saying another word, I ran after him wondering what stupid plot was churning in his mind. We walked to the local church but stopped before going in, Charlie turned round with an evil glint in his sinister eyes.

'Charlie, what are we doing here?' I tried to act cool but the suspence was killing me.

'All you have to do is go in there.' He moitioned to the morgue in the corner of the surrounding graveyard. I un-tensed, and started walking toward the shiny white monument, but one thought stopped him at the door.

'You're not going to lock me in, are you?' I wasn't sure if Charlie would take a joke that far.

'Calm down Frankie. Just go in there and uncover that coffin in the corner.' I stared at Charlie.

'Whoa, you didn't say anything about coffins.' I was so shaken by the thought of a dead body, I didn't realise he called me Frankie. 'There is no way I'm going in there alone!'

'Look scaredy, if you really waant to go running back to mummy go ahead but either way I'm going to see a body.' I was shocked by the turn of events but wasn't sure if I should follow Charlie through the shadowy door. I turned away as the I heard the scrape of stone against stone and the amazed gasp of Charlie. I walked back across the grass when a high pitched scream rattled across the grounds, I turned round wairily , not sure if this was one of Charlies jokes or not.

'Charlie?' I asked, when no reply came I walked back toward the marble monument. 'Charlie if this is a joke it isn't funny.'  A silhouette lumbered into the door way, a low moan emmited from his mouth.

I realised this was no longer a game . . .

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