13's my lucky number

Charlie and Frank are bored, too bored.
In their desperate attempt to starve the bordem they play apocolypse, but the time for playing is over and Charlie must decide if he will run . . . or fight.


1. Setting the scene


The famous writer, y'know the one who wrote stories about amazing, facinating, scary, plots that made you question life until your final breath, the one wo could write about the simplist thing yet make every single word count so dearly, you would read it again and again, each time hoping for it to never end, for that last page to ever turn.

Ironic really.

That out little town is named afterr such an exciting man, yet the most exciting thing to do here is go to the movies, and even those are boring, it's a small village on the coast, it never been above 8 degrees and miles away from anywhere. The shops consist of two pharmacists, a supermarket a post office and a field for graffiting with a slide and two swings. Sorry, I shoud have intruduced myself first, I'm Frank, not Frankie not Frannie and DEFINITELY not Fannie, you call me that and I'll do you right in, Charlie can vouch for that. Charlie? Charlie's my mate, we were stuck together when we were little and scince then, i can't seem to get rid of the bugger. He is, or was, my best mate. But before you expect me to get all weepy and emotional or whatever, let me tell you what that son of a bitch did.

He invited me to the movies . . . . .




u wanna go to the movies today?  


That new spy movies finally out.


Listen il meet you outside the movie theatre in half and hour for the next showing k?


assuming ur kl, c u l8tr


I breifly glance over the texts, it was the first day of the summer holidays and he was already missing me. I was tempted to say no, I mean it would certainly piss him off and I was really getting into my new book, plus I had a ton of homwork to catch up on and the new "Ultimate Fighter" game was out and . . . . . I put my coat on and ran down the stairs.


'Darling, on the was home could you pick me up som-' but I was aleady halway down the road. It's times like this I wish I could go back in time . . . and slap myself.


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