The mysterious trunk

The story, is an adventure in itself.... all sam wants is a normal life, but when he moves into and old mansion with his mum he faces somthing lurking in the darkness...


4. treasures


It looked like an old trunk full of rust all over, Sam tried hard to open it but failed, he found that there was a big brass padlock on the front and the key missing, he searched and searched some more but didnt find the key, he started to walk back to meet his mum in the kitchen until he found a loose floorboard...he turned and picked up the ramaining loose pieces  of the floorboard and put them aside.Inside the empty gap now contained few items, Sam carefully went to look at what he had found, the first item was a golden stopwatch, Sam wasnt a professional in theese things, but just by the looks of it, the watch looked very expensive and old. The hole also contained some old coins and photographs and records, the photos were old and rather dusty, there were a father,mother and 3 young girls Amy,Ruby,Millie. Sam looked carefully at the photo's.'They must have lived here but a very long time ago?' thought Sam to himself.The records were a type of cd that they used in the old days, Sam had heard about them but never actually seen one up close,  it was rather large with a description and name it read 'Swan lake', Sam had heard about about this play in school once, it must have been the girls when they had to use the music in p.e.Then lastly Sam peered at the at the old coins, they deffinatly weren't Sam's local currency but he was sure he seen the pattern before.Sam walked back to the trunk with the coins, then realised there was a match with the patterns, ' Maybe it could  be a key of some sort to open to trunk?'thought sam to himself. When he was just about to try to open it with the coins Sam heard footsteps,his mum  suddenly walked into the attic..   "What are you doing up here honey, its dangerous, anyway what are you holding?"she asked, point at the coins in confusion. " Ohh thats.. well urm.. thats my change from my school dinner in my lasy day in my old school" replied Sa,, not wanting to let his mum know about his magnificent find. "Oh okay them lovely, but come on chop-chop, and i never want to see you set foot in this attic again okay?!" Sam agreed to his mum's conclusion, knowing he woudnt keep to it tho." C'mon then son, lets get out of this mingy attic and go and get a bite to eat, eh?" The next minute they were both downstairs, having a lovely snack and watching the latest episode of Eastenders, later on Sam went to bed and fell asleep after a while...
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