The mysterious trunk

The story, is an adventure in itself.... all sam wants is a normal life, but when he moves into and old mansion with his mum he faces somthing lurking in the darkness...


3. Found

They arrived at the house the next dayn tierd and cold, they started looking around the house checking where each room was and what it included. By now everything belonging to the Drewe family was replaced with the Johnsons property. Sam's mum went to the kitchen to make them a few sandwitches as they hadnt had anytime to have any breakfast that morning,Sam hadnt had any time to himself since they had arrived , so he quickly took his chance while he had it, he went upstairs walking up and up until it felt like there were 25 floors, until Sam finaly reached the top floor b4 climping up one last flight into the attic.


The attic was a black mingy and cold room, and quite big, Sam couldnt seen much as it was to dark, and didnt have a torch on him. He tiptoed to the far end of the room where the nearest andthe only window there was there, when suddenly Sam tripped over some sort of object. Sam could see clearly what it was now that he was near the window, in his sight lay a old brown trunk..



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