The mysterious trunk

The story, is an adventure in itself.... all sam wants is a normal life, but when he moves into and old mansion with his mum he faces somthing lurking in the darkness...


2. brake-up

Sam Johnson was your average teenager, he was thirteen years old, he loved playing football and had seen many matches. He hated school the only thing he liked about it was being able to bully the girls in his class, but he mostly bullied a 'geeky' girl called Emily in his class. He was walking home from school on a Thursday afternoon, he didnt have many friends and most of them lived far away from where he did so he had to walk on his own. When he arrived home he was exhaused after the day he had, he dragged his bag up the path up to the front door and clambered inside.

Sam's room was the type a typical teenager would keep, his walls were plastered with al sorts of posters and pictures of the latest rock bands and nude women, clothes all over ther place, and cs and dvds all over his bed, but this was how Sam, liked it and he didnt ever want to change it. An hour passed when Sam suddenly heard a loud racket going from downstairs. 


His mum and dad never really argued when they had been together, exept for that night, Sam hated hearing his parents this way and didnt realise how much anger they had in them. It went on for what  seemned like forever, until it finally it stopped when a massive SLAM! came from the front door.Sam  tip-toed as quiet as a mouse to the end of the stairs, when he heard a noise from the kitchen .. 'Sam honey, can you come downstairs for a minute love?'

Sam trudged downstairs, tons of things going on in his head at once, he walked slowly into the kitchen room where he found his mum in tears and distraught, there was no sigh oh his dad. His mum was looking pale from the crying she had been weeping out like niagra falls. Her smile was lost and in its place was a miserable frown, she looked like she was just about to start to cry all over again and Sam was getting worried.

 She started talking to him, about how sometimes you have to let go, and go your seperate ways. It then came into Sam's mind what his mum was coming to and she ran up to him as he cried for his first time in years. "He is gone now Sam, we can start fresh, i've found a lovely victiorian manor in the country and not expensive neither, we are moving, moving tommorow." 

Sam couldnt belive his ears, his life was about to change BIG TIME!

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