She's not afraid (One Direction FanFiction)


3. New Friends

After we had two lessons of Music, we had a 20 minute break. I walked there with Niall and we talked a lot. ''Oh and I want you to meet the other lads'', he said and pulled me with him to a table where four boys - including Liam - and three girls sat. ''Hey guys, I want you to meet Jennifer'', Niall chirped and I waved at them all. A tall girl with beautiful brown hair stood up and gave me a hug. ''Hey I'm Eleanor, you can call me El though'' I smiled at her and another girl engulfed me in a hug. She was also tall, had blond short hair and blue eyes. ''Hi I'm Perrie it's nice to meet you'' Then the last girl, which I saw in Music, also came up to me and hugged me. She had beautiful curly hair and a perfect figure. ''I'm Danielle, call me Dani though. It's awesome to meet a new girl. These two are getting bored after a time'', she said and winked. ''Hey!'', El and Perrie both exclaimed and I laughed. Soon, it was the boys' part to introduce themselves. ''Hi I'm Zayn and I'm Perrie's boyfriend'', a tall, tanned boy with a dark brown/black quiff said and hugged me. ''I'm Louis and I like girls who eat carrots, just that you know'', a tall boy with brown swept hair, a striped shirt and suspenders said and hugged me. ''And he's my boyfriend'', El added and raised her eyebrows at Louis. He blew her a kiss and she rolled her eyes jokingly. ''I'm Harry pleased to meet you love'', a curly haired boy with beautiful green eyes said and hugged me too. His curls tickled my forehead since he was a lot taller than me. They all were actually. ''It's nice meeting all of you guys, you can call me whatever you want'', I told them and they chuckled. I sat down between Niall and Liam and everyone started making up their own conversations. Everyone had gotten their food before and I took small bites out of my burger. ''Everyone is talking and I want to make up a conversation'', Niall said, turning to me. I gave him a funny look and chuckled. ''What do you want to talk?'', I asked, turning my body to face him fully. ''Anything! We could play 20 questions'', he suggested and I nodded, pointing my finger at him to start. ''Ok birthday?'' ''June 21st yours?'' ''September 13th'' ''Ok favourite color?'' ''Blue yours?'' ''Pink'' ''Favourite food?'' ''Chinese, Pizza or Nando's yours?'' ''I love you! .....Nando's'' ''Hobbies?'' ''Sing, play the guitar and write songs, yours?'' ''Sing, dance, play instruments and act'' ''Favourite singer or band?'' ''Ed Sheeran, Justin Bieber, Olly Murs and band is probably... Big Time Rush, yours?'' ''Michale Bublé, Justin Bieber and Ed Sheeran, I don't have a band'' ''Favourite video game?'' ''Good question, I'd say Fifa and Pokémon, yours?'' ''Fifa, Pokémon and COD'' ''Umm, what's your.... favourite... cloth store?'' ''Puhh, I guess Forever 21 or H&M, yours?'' ''Topman'' ''Are you single or taken? Sorry I just want to know'' ''I'm-'' Before he could finish his sentence, we were interrupted by ther bell, telling us that break was over. I gave Niall an apologetic look and followed Liam out of the room. ''What do we have next?'', I asked making him jump. ''I didn't see you there, haha. Uhm, we have Drama now'', he said and laughed, making me laugh too. I knew right now that I was going to be very good friends with all of them. 

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