She's not afraid (One Direction FanFiction)


2. First lesson gone good

My father woke me up by shaking me. I groaned slightly and I heard him chuckle before leaving the room. I sighed and threw the covers off my body, making my way to my boxes. I picked out an outfit and took it with me in the bathroom. A pink tank top, light skinny jeans and pink high-sneakers. I locked the door after I got in and stripped out of my clothes. I examined my body in the mirror and sighed. I hated my body; my stomach wasn't thin enough, my thighs were too big, my breasts were too small... I just hated everything. I was anorexic a few months ago and I've cut myself. I try to cover everything up with my bubbly personality but sometimes it just won't work. I sighed once again and stepped into the now steaming shower. I washed everything and shaved what had to be shaved before I hopped out again and wrapped a towel tightly around my body. After I dried my body, I slipped my ungergarments on and luckilly, the mirror was fogged. I jumped into my pants and pulled my shirt over my head. I decided to do my hair in a side braid and applied some light eye make-up. Afer everything was done, I jogged downstairs into the kitchen. ''Good morning hun'', my dad greeted me happily. I grabbed an apple from the fruit bowl and kissed his cheek. ''I'll leave earlier. I don't want to be late for my first day'', I said and was about to walk out of the door when Josh came running over to me. He engulfed me in a big bear hug and I laughed. ''Have a great day today! Wish me luck at the shooting'', he said happily. What's with all the happiness? ''Good luck. Love you both bye'', I called out and walked out of the door. The high school was only 10 minutes away from here so it wasn't that far away. I soon reached the front door and looked around, taking the whole scenery in. Students were laughing and dancing around. A few were drawing on the school walls and a few were singing. I guess this will be the only thing that I'll like here in London. I sighed and continued my way into the school. As I entered, I grinned. The lockers all looked special, this school was amazing. I searched for the office to get my schedule and found it after good five minutes. I knocked on the door and opened it after the principal told me to come in. ''Hi I'm Jennifer Hutcherson I'm the new student'', I said and shook the women's hand. She gestured to a chair and I sat down. ''You'll have a guard who's showing you the school. He is also with you in all of your periods so you don't have to be so lonely. He actually should arrive in-'' She got interrupted by a knock on the door. She also allowed entry and the door opened, revealing a boy with light brown curly hair and puppy eyes. ''Hello Mr. Payne. Take a seat would you?'' (Liam does have his curly hair now, but his hair style will change during the story) He sat down on the chair next to mine and smiled at me, which I returned. ''So, Mrs. Hutcherson, Mr. Payne will be your guard. He is very smart and friendly so you don't have to worry about a thing'', Mrs. Hill said and flashed me a friendly smile. ''Here's your schedule, have fun at your first day at the London Arts'' She handed me a piece of paper - or in other ways, my schedule - and shook my hand. Liam stood up and did the same. He then walked out of the door and I followed him, gosh I must look like a lost puppy traling behind him like this. ''I'm Liam by the way. Miss Hill just likes to call us with Mister or Miss' and our last name'', he introduced after I caught up with him. ''I'm Jennifer but you can call me whatever you want'', I said and he laughed. ''Our first period is Music. Our teacher's name is Mr. Fletcher. His name sounds mean but he isn't, he's one of the coolest teachers on the London Arts'', Liam explained and I nodded. We soon arrived at the classroom and he walked in first. I slowly walked in after him and looked at the class. A few of them waved at me, a few of them gave me confused looks and a few of them didn't even pay attention. ''Hello, I'm Mr. Fletcher your Music teacher, you must be Jennifer, right?'', he asked, coming up to me. ''That's me!'', I chirped and he smiled, pulling me with him so I was facing the class. I noticed Liam sitting close to a pretty girl and he smiled at me. ''Would you like to make a introduction about yourself?'' ''Sure why not. So, my name is Jennifer Hutcherson, yes I am Josh Hutcherson's sister, I'm 18 years old and from America'', I said and smiled. Mr. Fletcher nodded and pointed to a seat next to a blond boy with stunning blue eyes. I nodded and walked over to him, placing my bag on the ground. The blond boy smiled at me, which I returned but then found myself lost in his eyes. How could a person have eyes like him? ''I'm Niall'', he said, snapping me out of my thoughts. ''Nice to meet you Niall'', I said and gave him a hand shake. He chuckled and turned his attention to the teacher. ''So Jennifer, we have a little ritual for students who are new here. Can you sing, dance or something else?'', Mr. Fletcher said with a slight smirk. ''Well, yes I can sing and play a few instruments'', I said and he smiled. ''Then my love, you have to sing a song for us'', he said and I smiled. I really enjoyed singing so I didn't care to sing in front of this class. I walked forward and stood next to the teacher. ''Can I sing and play on the piano?'', I asked and he nodded, gesturing towards the instrument. I walked over to it and sat down, taking deep breathsI decided to sing Skinny Love by Birdy since this song meant so much to me. So I started to play the notes, perfectly and sung the first part. Everyone gasped but I just kept sniging, closing my eyes. I finished the song and smiled to myself, then turned to face everyone. Their faces were shocked but after they regained themselves, they started clapping. Liam and Niall both gave me a thumbs up and I couldn't get the grin from my face. ''This was amazing Jennifer!'', Mr. Fletcher exclaimed. I thanked him and went back to my seat, where Niall gave me a big smile. ''You have an amazing vioce Jen'', he said and I smiled and thanked him. He had an Irish accent and I knew from now that I would get good friends with this boy, if not even more. 

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