She's not afraid (One Direction FanFiction)


4. Day with Niall

School finally ended and I walked out of the classroom over to my locker. I put my things in it and started walking out of school when I heard my name being called. ''Jenny wait up'', the well known Irish accent called after me. I stopped and turned around, flashing him a smile. ''What's up?'', I asked when he reached me. ''I wanted to ask if you want to come with me to my flat, maybe you could stay the night if you want. I just want to get to know you better'' ''Sure I'll call my dad'', I chirped and pulled out my phone, dialling my father's number. After three rings he picked up. ''Hello darling, is everything ok?'' ''Yes daddy everything is perfectly fine. I just wanted to know if it's ok if I go over a friend's and stay the night'' I heard him sigh. ''If he or she's ok with it then it's fine just call me if something happens'' ''Will do thanks dad'' ''See you tomorrow hun'' ''Yep bye'', with that I hung up and squealed, giving Niall a big hug. He let out a laugh and we walked out, over to his car. I got in his passenger's seat and he got in the driver's seat and he drove away. ''Can I turn the radio on?'', I asked and gave him a puppy face. He laughed and turned it on by himself. Dance with me tonight by Olly Murs came and I squealed. ''I love this song!'', I yelled and turned it up, singing along the lyrics loudly. Niall laughed the whole time but also sang with me. We soon arrived at his flat and got out of his car, walking up to the front door. He unlocked the door and led me in. His flat was beautiful. It was big, light with nice furniture. ''So here's the kitchen and down the hall the third door on the left is the bathroom, next to it the toilet'', he explained and I nodded, immediately making my way over to the fridge. I opened ít and rummaged through it a bit before I decided I'd eat a sandwich. ''You want a sandwich too?'', I shouted. ''Sure'', he said into my ear making me jump. 

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