She's not afraid (One Direction FanFiction)


1. The first day

We just moved into the new house, of which I didn't quite approve but since it's closer to my brother's new movie, my dad thought it's better like this.And before you ask, my name is Jennifer Hutcherson beloved sister of the famous actor Josh Hutcherson. There were still all the boxes in my room and I didn't bother unpacking them. I didn't like it here so why should I? Tomorrow is a complete new start since I'm attending the London Arts. It's a pretty cool school, maybe you know the Hollywood Arts then you know what I'm talking about. The hard thing for me is that I know nobody and I'm not good at making friends. Just because I say what's on my mind, people think I'm mean and hate on me. I groaned loudly and let myself fall down on my mattress. My brother slowly opened the door and walked in. ''Hey'', he said and sat down by my feet. ''Hey'' ''I'm sorry Jen you know? I didn't know dad would move away from home'' ''It's ok, you're daddy's favourite what else can he do'' I scoffed and he sighed. ''Jenny I already said I'm sorry, there's nothing else I can do. Try to sleep, tomorrow's a big day for you'', Josh said, kissing my head. ''Tell dad I said good night'' He nodded and walked out of my room, flicking the light off. The only light in my room was the moonlight flooding in from my window. I sighed and threw the covers over me, closing my eyes.


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