Your Cheating Face

Husband and wife go on holiday to a hot country. But her husband isn't as faithful as he seems. Find out in the story what happens next.


1. Your Cheating Face

“Your Cheating Face”



Michael Bannister

Josie and her husband, Derek, sat on the coach as it wound its way through Menorca in the heat of the day.  They listened to the holiday rep. as he cracked jokes and sang little ditties into the microphone at the front of the coach.

“Let me get this straight,” said Derek, “we’re taking this holiday to mend our marriage, is that right?”

“I won’t have you cheating on me, Derek, I won’t,” said Josie, taking hold of his hand and giving it a squeeze.

“You know I’d never cheat on you, darling.  Why, I’d rather die than ever be unfaithful to you my honey-bag.”

When they arrived at the holiday apartment complex, they got their keys to apartment number fifteen.  As soon as Josie opened the door, Derek was in, undressed, bathing costume on, grabbing a bath towel and was out through the door like a shot.

“See you at the pool, love,” he shouted, as he raced down the stairs.  “Last one there’s a rotten egg.”

There is only one rotten egg around here, thought Josie.  She opened the fridge and took out a bottle of beer.  The cold beer felt good as it snaked itself down her throat.  She also felt good knowing that she had just deprived Derek of a beer.

She began to unpack her belongings and then his.  When she had finished she went out on the balcony.  She stood there and looked out over the holiday complex.

The crowded and busy swimming pool was just to her left.  She saw her Derek lying on a sun lounger beside the pool, happily chatting to a young blond next-door to him.  She seemed to be on her own and Derek was wasting no time in taking advantage of this.

Then Josie smiled and slowly shook her head.  She was interpreting it all wrong; Derek was just being friendly to the woman that was all.  She undressed and slipped into her bathing costume, grabbed a bath towel and made her way to the pool.

“Ah, Josie, there you are love.  I thought you weren’t coming,” greeted Derek.

“I see you’ve wasted no time in making friends,” chided Josie, regretting her tone of voice immediately.

“Yea.  Josie, this is Tina.  She arrived yesterday.  She’s staying for a week like us,” said Derek.

Tina opened one eye, grunted hello and then closed her eye and continued to enjoy the sunshine.  Josie didn’t think it warranted a response and so dropped her towel and dived into the warm, blue water of the swimming pool.

She swam to the other end of the pool and then just stood there and watched Derek chat merrily to Tina.

“Is he your husband?”

Josie turned her head and saw a middle-aged woman with large breasts held in a black swimming costume.

“Unfortunately,” admitted Josie.

“I’m Ruth, has he ever been unfaithful?” she asked.

“That’s just it, he’s either faithful or just too clever for me to catch him out,” said Josie.

“This is what you should do…” began Ruth.

“I know Josie’s my wife, but were not joined at the hip, if you get my meaning,” said Derek to Tina.

Tina lazily got up from her sun lounger and picked up her towel.  Derek got an eye full of the crack in her shapely bum.

“Be seeing you,” she said, as she walked away.

Derek sat up, shaded his eyes from the sun with a hand and looked for Josie.  He scanned the pool and around about, but still couldn’t see her.  Finally he flopped back down on his towel and relaxed.  She’s probably gone back to the apartment, he thought.

As he lay there in the sunshine, a little home-made movie, starring himself and Tina went through his mind.  He was running along a tropical beach, chasing after a naked Tina, who disappeared behind a bush.

As he ran he tripped up on a coconut shell and fell flat on his face.  In seconds Tina was there by his side, comforting him with soothing words: “Darling, are you all right?  My poor peach muffin fell over in the sand, how can I make it better?”

He gazed upward at her brilliant white teeth and pouted for a kiss.  Her kiss melted across his lips into heaven on earth.

Just then something poked him in the side and made him come back to earth abruptly.  “Hey, mister, a blond woman gave me this to give to you.”

Derek looked at a little boy holding a folded piece of paper.  “Thanks!”  He took the piece of paper.

‘Come to my apartment now.  Number twenty-six.  Tina.’

Derek made a long, last search of the pool area, then putting the towel round his neck, made his way to apartment number twenty-six.  As he walked he sang: “I believe in miracles, where you from you sexy thing.”

Apartment number twenty-six was upstairs.  He went up.  The door was slightly ajar.  He pushed his way in, “Tina?”

As soon as the door opened, a bucket of ice cold water splashed down on him.  And there on the sofa, like two judges with death caps on, sat Josie and her friends, Brian and Ruth.

“I can’t tell you enough, Derek, how disappointed I am in you.  You were expecting a gorgeous blond and found me, your wife.  What should I do, change the colour of my hair perhaps?” suggested Josie.

“Darling, I can explain.  I must have got the apartment numbers mixed up.”

“Anyway, this is Brian, Tina’s husband.  He’s very interested in your intentions.”

And before Derek could budge an inch, Brian landed him a peach of a punch on the chin.  Derek flew backwards. 

“But baby, Josie,” protested Derek, rubbing his chin.

“Save it, I’m not interested, I can see you’re lying on your cheating face.


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