Love:The Painfullest Thing Of All

Remember that girl that use to sit in the back of the classroom? That girl who never got picked to be anybody's partner? We all remember her don't we?Theres always one of those "Girls".. In this story that girl is Christina Refer. When she finally finds true love she is the happiest girl alive! But when one day everything turns around. She needs to make things better. and prove she has changed..before its to late.


5. The Date

I was doing dishes the next day when I got a text from Logan It read

"Hey .. text we when your ready... I'll be waiting <3 C: Xxx ~Logan" 

He is so cute! I love how he makes his smiley faces... I looked at myself.. I was wearing a baby blue tank top with shorts ... Obviously I wasn't ready! I ran up the stairs to my room.. "What to wear..what to wear" I said to myself 

I step't into my walk in closet .. Hmm ... Well I didn't even know were we were going! So I couldn't decide what to wear.. If we were going some were fancy I would wear something fancy.. If were were going some were just to chill out I would just wear something casual.. 

I was going to text Logan Saying " Hey Cutie were are we going..Just know" but It sounded really stupid *Backspace* *Backspace* So I tried again "Hey logan just wondering if you could tell me were we were going?" Much better I clicked send.

"It's a surprise <3 ~Logan"  He texted  back.. Great! I thought .. I finally settled for a white denim button-up over a white plain tee and a flowy skirt with my hair down..

"Hey cutiee I'm ready <3 Its christina" Was my text to logan .. I sat on the couch and went on instagram on my phone waiting for Logan to come.. I had 24 comments on one photo.. I read a couple "I don't even know why the heck Logan is going out with you, Your so ugly!" Read one.. that was from Ashley I slapped my forhead I TOTALLY FORGOT! Logan had went out with Ashley! I was going to go out on a date with my enemies ex boyfriend ... And I was positive that NOTHING good was going to come from that ...

I heard a car pull into the driveway. My phone started buzzing It was logan "Hey Logan" I said "Why don't you come down? I'm here" He told me in his kind voice. "Going down the stairs.. Be right there" I said "Okay bye.." He said "Love you.." He said quietly as his voice trailed of. I blushed .


I made sure I had everything in my purse before going into his car. I finally got into Logan's car. "Hi." I said as I leaned in to hug him " Hey.." He told me. He planted a warm kiss on my cheek. He turned up the radio My favorite song was playing. "As long as you Love me i'll be your platnum I'll be your silver I'll be your gold as long as you La-La-La-La-LA-La-La-la-love meee!" I relized I was singing way to loud. "Sorry you had to hear that Logan" He cracked up "It's okay.. You sing nicely Have you taken any classes?" "Nope" I replied popping the 'P' " You have a perfect voice. Everything about you is perfect" He told me

I blushed "Your so sweet.." I said. We talked about every single random thing on that car ride.

"We're here" He said exitedly I turned my head to look at the building in back of us. Logan stoped me by turning my head. I gazed into his piercing Blue eyes "Its a suprise no looking!" He laughed. I smiled 



She's so perfect .. Every single little thing about her. I've only known her for a couple of days. But I love her. I don't think she knows I love her. You may think i'm crazy for falling in love in just a matter of days but I'll list some reasons 1. She's pretty. Her long blonde curly hair and green eyes make me go crazy 2. She's funny 3. She's kind, sweet and humble .. I want to make her mine..And i'm going to...I opened the car door and closed it. I opened her door and held her hand as she steped out "No peeking my little Cinderella" I told her. I cupped my hands around her face as I walked behind her. "I'll fall logan!" She laughed. "You won't.. You'll never get hurt when I'm with you" She held her arms in front of her. She reached her arms back and touched my hair. "What kind of conditioner do you use?!" She laughed 

I cracked up. I gently kissed her cheek still covering up her eyes. "Well I deep condition my hair weekly" I lied. and laughed. "We're almost there" I said... "I'm going to uncover your eyes to open the door but no peeking Chris" I told her "Fine!" She replied. I uncovered her eyes and she walked backwards with her eyes  closed "There you go..WATCH OUT!" I yelled she bumped into a wall and fell foward. I caught her as she was 6 inches away from the floor. Our eyes met Her light hair was the only thing touching the floor.. 



I felt safe in his arms. Kiss me Kiss me Kiss me I thought. He leaned in and I felt his warm breathe on my neck. His soft lips brushed against mine. I loved him so much already knew this date was going to be perfect. Even if I didn't have any idea were the hell we were going. I got up on my feet "You can look now" He told me.. It looked like a lobby..."cool" I said "This isn't the cool part" He laughed. Thank God I thought my jaw was about to drop.. this place looked so boring. we walked along next to each other as we walked towards a girl behind a counter.. "How many?" She asked "Two" he replied "Can you both hold your right hands out?" We did and she strapped on paper bracletes ... Weird I thought. "Thanks" He said.. He left a bill on the desk and ran to catch up to me. Once we walked in there was kids mostly teens running all over the place. The lights were turned off and there were disco lights shining on diffrent place. On the wall they were projecting music videos and the loud yet fun music was pounding against my ears. 

i sat down "So what is this?" I asked "A fun place to skate he said" As he tied on my skates "Wow I feel stupid.. I actually couldnt even tell with all the teenagers skating around and you Tie ing on my skates" I laughed.. He laughed with me.. 

I took a step on the smooth wooden floor used to skate. The first thing I did was fall. "Careful there" Said Logan as he helped me up. He showed me how to move my feet first.. I copied him. In a matter of minutes    I was as good as Logan "Wow. Your a fast learner" he told me . "Thanks" I said grinning 

               MOMS P.O.V

I wonder what Christina's doing..Should I call her? Well she's on a date so I shouldn't.. She's been gone for almost 2 hours. I hope things don't get to serious with this Logan guy.. He sounds like a good guy... I know he'll protect my baby.. It's just she's the only kid I have and I miss her being around. But I do want her to find true love..I don't know what to do...


   Christina really is a fast learner. She's the best. I'm so happy to be on a date with her! She started to skate really fast and went was ahead of me, she turned her head and stuck her toune out.. I grinned and when she wasn't looking I caught her from behind and wraped my arms around her waist, as I kissed her on the cheek. Then I laid my chin on her shoulder as we skated. "Isn't this your song? I asked"  As long as you love me was on. "Yeahhhh!" She sang into my ear with her voice like angels as I hummed along. I started singing with her as we skated past people who looked at us weirdly 


 "Don't you wish you could have a relationship like that?" I asked My friend skating next to me "You can only dream of having one like it" She replied    


( I started singing along with her as we skated past people who looked at us weirdly ) "As long as  you Lo-Lo-Lo-Lo-Lo-Lo-Lo-Lo-Lo-Lo Lo-Lo-Lo-Lo-Lo-Lo-La-Love me" She cracked up at that.. We kept on skating and when we got tired we ate a hotdog " You got a little something there" I said laughing. I wiped of a little mustard on her chin with my thumb. She just laughed..."Are you tired?" I asked "A little" She replied.. "Lets go cutie" I told her. I unlaced her skated and mine and we left. 


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