Love:The Painfullest Thing Of All

Remember that girl that use to sit in the back of the classroom? That girl who never got picked to be anybody's partner? We all remember her don't we?Theres always one of those "Girls".. In this story that girl is Christina Refer. When she finally finds true love she is the happiest girl alive! But when one day everything turns around. She needs to make things better. and prove she has changed..before its to late.


1. Prologue

I just cant take it anymore.

People tell me to just ignore, I understand 100% that not everyone is going to like you at times. Normal, its completely understandable. 

But when people start insulting you to your face or behind your back you have to learn to stand up for yourself. Unfortunately I never did.

The problem was I was to insecure of myself. The aching feeling at everyone laughing at me if I even Tried to stand up for myself.

You must be thinking, " Yeah its bad " but you have no idea.. your thinking "No I honestly do!" but you don't, you don't know how bad it feels until your actually going through it.

But all of that changed when I met the nicest boy ever.He taught me a lot and he was always there for me..I knew from the first day I saw him that I was going to fall for him..

And I did, When he gave me a chance It felt like my life was starting over again. New doors were opening. Happiness was building inside of me like it never had before. 


When I ruined everything I knew I had to fix it before It was to late.. 

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